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Sunday, 06 September 2020 16:30

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
Ya Salam! May Allah accept your martyrdom and grant jannah as final abode. As a matter of fact, l was greatly shocked with the picture of Shaheed Bashir that gone viral on his martyrdom. Martyr Bashir Muhammad Kaduna is an elder brother to me, for l am contemporarily age mate with his immediate younger brother Husaini Muhammad ISMA. 

Describing how Martyr Bashir is to me, l can virtually say that is a bossom friend to me as regards our creed(Ahlul Bayt Mazhab). Indeed, l don't know a single problem associated with Shaheed Bashir as regards his relationship not only with brothers of thesame faith but general members of the public.
Tears ran down my cheeks yesterday when l witnessed how members of the public(neighbouring their houses) were accounting the good side of martyr Bashir. All and sundry in their immediate community were yesterday morning how they unexpectedly lost martyr Bashir. "A kind, credible, simple and coordinated youth indeed" said neighbours as many witnessed his gentle life.
There is no meet between l and him in which we must stay and gist among. For over a year, he has been drawing me towards over write ups and updates regarding programs of the Islamic Movement. There is no meet in which we must talk about Media Forum of the Movement. Despite the fact that he is an elder brother to me, l will definately describe Shahid Bashir as an intimate friend of mine. Oh Allah ! Words cannot describe how l was beat with this unexpected loss!!
Before his martyrdom since months after the pre-planned old aged Zaria massacre of 2015, Shaheed Bashir took position in the Media Forum. For over four years now, he had been constant attendant of all programs of the Movement. There is not a single program in which Shaheed Bashir would not attend and post pictures and videos in his efforts to contribute towards being a freelance journalist of the Movement.
It was generally believed that Shaheed Bashir was specially targeted from a shourt range by a snipper hidden in one of the story buildings by the side of the street and shot the fallen hero at his fore head, where he instantly attained martyrdom. What a surprise! He made two postings as breaking news acknowledging the kick off of Ashura mourning procession in Kaduna, as around 1:00p.m. Over 25 towns including Zaria have been recorded where Ashura processions were staged excluding the city of Kaduna. No sooner had the fallen hero posted two pictures of the procession than he was shot dead.
He was targeted and killed by elrufai Police security agents for his exposition to their series of attacks to the peaceful Movement in Kaduna which stood as menace to their propaganda towards the shedding of innicent Shi'ites blood in Kaduna. It has also gone viral the way and manner Shaheed Bashir exposed a video clip foiling their sinister plan of seting ablaze their operational vehicle about 9 days ago after an unprovoked attack on members of the Movement during their religious rites in Kaduna.
Indeed, your steadfastness towards the Movement Shaheed Bashir deserve martyrdom. I will forever not stop mourning your lost.
In a final note first, to the tyrants who innocently killed my elder brother, be aware that death is a destiny to all and single living thing on earth. You must die and account for your deeds no matter the faith you belong.
The death of Shaheed Bashir is not too soon, you must follow him one day and must bear the consequences of this inhumane act.
I am finally extending my sincer condolences to the members of Media Forum not only in Kaduna but to all zones and chapters of this stabel Movement. I am also extending my condolences to the entire relatives of martyr Bashir Muhammad, particularly my intimate friend Husaini Muhammad who is a younger to the fallen martyr.
Despite the fact that, l don't ever know his wife(Sister) to be of Musa 'Yar Aduwa University Katsina, who is residing in Katsina, l am wholeheartedly extending my condolences you Sister to be. No friend of Bashir Muhammad
would really been touched with this lost other than you Sister. I don't even know your name, but l have severally witnessed your relationship which you both aspired to be couple in the near future. May Allah give you the fortitude to bear up this unexpected loss Sister, together with his biological brothers.
Rest in peace martyr Shaheed Bashir Muhammad
May Allah make Faradise to be eteternal abode bihakki Muhammad Wa Aali Muhammad.

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