Police AIG Who Supervised Serial Extrajudicial Killings Of Brothers and Sisters Falls Dead Mysteriously Print
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Tuesday, 01 September 2020 10:31

The death has occurred of an Assitant Inspector-General of Police, Rabiu Yusuf, who until his mysterious demise was notorious for leading some of the most brutal attacks against members of the Islamic Movement, especially in Kano state and later in Katsina state.

AIG Rabiu was the Commissioner of Police in Kano when some of the most brutal attacks on members of the Islamic Movement took place in two successive years during the Arbaeen Symbolic Treks in 2016 and 2017, that resulted in the extrajudicial killing of close to a hundred members in total.

In 2016, AIG Rabiu personally led the team that attacked mourners on Arbaeen trek in the outskirts of Kano metropolis. He ensured that most of the corpses they killed were retrieved by his men and buried in mass graves outside Kano at Hayin Kalebawa area at night in order to hide their heinous crimes.

Survivors of that attack recall him holding pistol and shooting those who were injured from earlier.

The following year, he again led his men to ambush members of the Islamic Movement at the outskirts of Kano with the intent to specifically target all the scholars, especially those with turbans.

When the moles he planted within however informed him and his men that the trek wasn’t going to get out of the town, and most importantly, those with turbans were dispersing, he quickly sped back to town and opened fire on the few people remaining, killing some people including an infant and an undergraduate girl, Hussaina Dauda Nalado. Close to 60 other members who were shot and injured were arrested by the police and detained for nearly seven months, until the courts set them free.
The authorities must have considered him very successful when they transferred him to Zone 14, Katsina. In his first year in Katsina, he again launched a murderous attack on the Islamic center (because they were not processing) during Ashura, killing neighbors around the center.

AIG Rabiu’s death was mysterious. He was said to have screamed at the top of his voice, claiming that he was hit by someone. His colleagues couldn’t see anyone. He kept yelling and fell down to the ground and gave up the ghost. Now that he has also gone to his Lord to face his misdeeds.

AIG Police who attacked mourners 3 yrs ago died


Victim of Police brutality in Kano under his command, picture below

victim of AIG Police who attacked mourners 3 yrs ago died


Picture below is Ashura gathering in Kano this year, Rabiu Died Ashura continues, Ashura is a living ideology.

1 yr after AIG Police who attacked mourners 3 yrs ago died

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