What the world needs to know about sixty members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria kept in prison by the Presiding judge at High Court, Apo, Abuja. Print
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Wednesday, 11 December 2019 00:00

By Ishaq M.
About twenty out of the victims were abducted from the Hospital at Gwagwalada. Some of them receiving treatment had dribs on them when the security a agents stormed the hospital and removed the dribs and abducted them.

There are from among them some that have recovered without due treatment.

Those with serious injuries are as follows:

1. Muhammad Muhammad Gabarin (Baballe). He has bullet injuries in his legs and could not walk without being supported by another person.

2. Musa Muhammad Taraba. He has a bullet wound in the thigh and cannot walk at all.

3. Imran Ayub Faska. His leg and ankle are broken as a result of gun shots. He cannot even stand and has to be carried from one point to another.

4. Fatima Ibrahim Dasuki, a second year student of the College of Health Technology, Tsafe. She was shot and there are still shrapnel in her body inducing pain sensation below the already healed spot she was shot.

5. Ummu Kulthum Isma'il Kaduna. She is a 400 level student of Pharmacy at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. She is shot in the shoulder and the mechanical function of the arm is affected. Even as at today she has bandages on the arm.

6. Muhammad Khamis Azare. He is an eleven year old boy. He has a broken thigh and has not received any treatment since the incident. The leg has emaciated tremendously and cannot even move it. He is in a very serious condition and needs urgent attention but certainly not from the beasts detaining him who have lost all senses of humanity.

These injured persons have been kept in detention and refused treatment while suffering excruciating pains for the last five months and there is no plan of allowing them access any treatment.

They were kept in that condition with the last time they were taken to court being 27/11/19 since 22/7/19.

Despite their deteriorating conditions, the court has today denied them bail and has placed 05/02/20 for the next hearing. What kind of a country is this? What kind of oppressive and tyrannical government is this?
We seek Allah's help to hasten the downfall of the wicked regime.

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