When Might Failed to be Right and the Right Remains the Might Print
Written by freezak   
Wednesday, 07 August 2019 15:01

Yours Sincerely
Yesterday Tuesday August 6th, 2019 was and is truly a unique landmark in the history of a great nation called Nigerian, and indeed, its good people. It is a day that bear and bare witness to the reality that Might, was, is and will never ever be right. It is a day that tyrants and oppressors of all shapes, sizes and forms within, around and beyond Nigeria conceded to the fact that logic and rational thoughts will ever remain head and shoulder above brigandage and gangsterism. It is a day the Polpots and Pinochets of our time realised the futility of winning a battle of souls with barrel and guns.

Before then let’s take a step back to December 15th, 2015. On that day in Zaria city of Kaduna State the Nigerian Army with Tukur Yusuf Burutai as its Chief of Army Staff and Muhammadu Buhari as the Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces lunched a calculated and carefully thought-out savagery on unarmed Nigerian citizens under a crudely laughable pretext. By the time the dust settled about a thousand plus souls were either killed or missing, together with three (3) of the biological sons of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. The Sheikh and his wife were fatally injured, consequent upon the bullet magazines emptied on them by the very people paid to protect them and indeed all other Nigerian citizens. The victims of such a gory and barbaric act of incendiary include pregnant women, nursing mothers and children some of whom were barely a year old.
This according to the Nigerian Army was done for the conflicting reasons that Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky’s followers that gathered for an event denied the Chief of Army Staff right of way. When such a narrative clearly proved abundantly unsatisfactory to justify such a bloodbath the ante was upped by a notched or two. The additional reason given this time around was that there was an attempt to kill the Chief of Army Staff by the victims of the animalistic behaviour of the Nigerian army.
For argument sake, let’s assume that the two narratives are true. This suggests that an offence might have been committed. The Chief of Army Staff ought to have known that the institution he commands is part of a constituted authority with rules and standards operating procedures that governs all aspect of one’s conduct, particularly so that he is a strategic part of the security architecture of Nigeria as a nation. The least expected of him was to make on the spot arrest, having cleared his way and hand over the suspects to the Nigerian police for further investigations and possible prosecution. That was not done. The constitution was thus violated.
What followed after the massacre was the demolition and confiscation of fix and moveable properties of the victims. Even the resting places (i.e. graves) of the already killed Sheikh’s followers were not spared. The grave of the Sheikh’s mother and that of his three sons slain during the Jonathan administration by the same Nigerian army were equally desecrated. After three (3) days of ceaseless “fireworks” the Nigerian army were heard shouting “ba Shia ba kayan Shia”. Meaning: Shia in all its forms, sizes, manifestations and ramifications has been effectively crushed, swept and flushed. “are you are ?... as Chief Zebrudaya would have said. That marked one of the many strategic blunders that will ever live to remain a major spoiler in the wheels of “operation end Shiism in Nigeria”.
The Kaduna State government under the leadership of Nasiru Ahmad El-Rufai played some major and significant role in the continued persecution of the Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers. The live media broadcast by El-Rufai and what followed a while after, betrayed his willingness to remain a pawn on the chessboard of Wahhabi Takfiri agenda as initiated, nourished and sustained by a prominent member of the real axis of evil popularly referred to as the B_Team i.e. Bin Salman, Bolton and Bibi Netanyahu.
On December 17, 2015, the Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai, announced the establishment of a state Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the incident. However, in his news conference, the governor listed a supposedly range of grievances against the Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers, including how road traffic had been disrupted during religious events and alleged disregard for Nigerian government authorities. Till date none of these allegations is established in any court of law nationwide. Thus, constitutionally speaking Sheikh Zakzaky and his disciples remain innocent as their persecutors failed to prove their case beyond their narratives of baseless allegations, falsehood, half-truth and folklore. El-Rufai’s desperation came to the fore, as he had invariably found the victims of such a large-scale mayhem already guilty, even before the jury returned its verdict. With no representation from the victims, the JCI was populated with some known and avowed enemies of Sheikh Zakzaky that were infamous for their vilification, slander, libel and defamation against the personality of Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers. Professor Umar Labdo was and remain one of those. Yet in spite of the lopsidedness of the membership of the JCI a guilty verdict against the Nigerian Army was established.
A white paper was released on December 5, 2016, by the Kaduna State government with respect to the JCI’s recommendation. The governor’s spokesman, Samuel Aruwan, commenting on that, said: “with regards to the findings of the Commission on the conduct of the Nigerian Army, the State Government noted the recommendation that members of the Nigerian Army that may have been involved in the unlawful killing of 347 citizens should be brought to trial before a Court of competent jurisdiction. “The Kaduna State Government is assured that the Federal Government will not condone unlawful killing of any citizen and that this conduct will be further investigated and any culprits identified will first be subjected to court martial by the federal authorities, followed by civil prosecution by the state government.” If anything of such really happened it must have been in “za aza room” and nowhere else.
In a twist and twinge of irony, hundreds of Sheikh’s followers arrested earlier were charged to court for culpable homicide. All were discharged and acquitted in the Nigerian court under the Nigerian constitution. What else could have be more of a clean bill of innocence? While this is happening the Sheikh together with his wife were held incommunicado with no medical attention in spite of their deteriorating and debilitating health condition. This led to the Sheikh losing an eye with the only remaining one facing similar fate due to the wicked, inhuman and sadistic body language of the Pinochet of our time together with his yes-maniac bootlicker. All efforts to persuade the federal government to either release the Sheikh or charge him to court fell on deaf ears.
The Sheikh sued the federal government praying for the enforcement of his fundamental human right. He worn. The federal government was beaten blue and silly…in its game. Not only that the Sheikh secured a judgement that ordered his immediate release, the federal government was ordered to build a befitting house for the Sheikh and paid him a compensation of twenty-five million Naira and a like sum for his wife also. The federal government refused to comply. Yet it is the Sheikh and not the government that does not respect the law. Funny!
When the pressure kept on mounting against the federal government its spoke persons started dishing out conflicting statements that are at best silly and babyish. At a time, they argued that they were preparing for a befitting residence before they could release Sheikh. At other instances they claimed to be keeping Sheikh in a protective custody. At other times they said no community wanted Sheikh in its vicinity. When well-meaning Nigerians announced that they were ready to have Sheikh in their midst the federal government became thunderstruck. As an after though and in cahoots with the Kaduna State Governor Nasiru El-Rufai Sheikh Zakzaky was handed over to the Kaduna State to be charged to a similar case that the federal government hitherto, suffered defeat in the court of law. This time around Sheikh Zakzaky, a victim of organized state terror is charged for being an aggressor he never was.
If the federal government thought that its high handedness against Sheikh’s admirers will cow them in to pin drop silence, they were mistaken. Big time! In spite of killings and arrest on almost a daily basis, the federal capital territory, Abuja witnesses the doggedness and the indefatigability of Sheikh’s followership. The young and the adult, the youth and the kids, the men and the women, the profs and the doctors, the engineers and artisans loyal to Sheikh, all assembled in unison to demand Sheikh’s release as ordered by the court. For over 365 days the protest match never stopped. Not even a pause was contemplated. The more the agents of coercion killed and maimed, they more many more advanced to follow suit. The narrative of Sheikh’s followers being a bunch of ignoramuses was shattered. Fanaticism has never in any age and time attract bright sparks as its followers and admirers.
It became obvious to those with hammer that Sheikh’s followers are not nails that can be slammed in to oblivion. The government blinked and in so doing had a second thought; to manufacture its brand of Shiism with some “biyu aahu” wannabees as its own Sheikhs. That was what the NTA Tuesday Live of yesterday presented. The federal government’s latest inventions: “ Thaaniy da Auwalu dan Baban Quhafa”… if you know “warrra” mean! Yours sincerely strongly advise the reader to take a crash course on “Thaqiyfa” to decode such a sobriquet “Charlie one…Charlie two…over” mode of expression.
In the said programme, Cyril Stober had his mission cut for him. He needs the pay check so he has to perform. The gods of parochialism must be impressed. Against decorum and professionalism, NTA had thrown caution to the wind in its desperate rush to please its paymasters. Its series and ceaseless campaign of calumny has further damaged what remains of its credibility. If you want to know how the genocide in Rwanda started together with Hitler in Germany, simply listen to NTA’s campaign of calumny against Sheikh Zakzaky and his disciples. With such a shameless rascality from a government institution our search for the true meaning of court jesters or ideological prostitution goes no further. In spite of a crash course in English language, typical of adult education, one of the devil’s advocate that sat with Cyril can hardly qualify for a 3 English class. Wallahil Aizym, I am serious! His comrade?! A university drop out and a run-away Hawza student that hardly pass beyond “Suduuh”, were handed the herculean task of burying an ideology of which its time is now. At least in Thaqiyfa the Niccolò Machiavellis of that time were patient enough for the holy Prophet to breath his last. Fast forward to NTA Tuesday Live of yesterday the three musketeers were in a mad rush to cover the glittering sunshine with their fingers, by assuming the position of sentinels, door keepers and registrar generals of Islam and by extension Shiism.
Birai awakan banza…ba ku layya…ba ku aqiyqa!