Buhari Regime Injustice And The Mass Killings Print
Written by freezak   
Wednesday, 27 June 2018 14:23

By Abdulmumin Giwa
This is in response to comments furnished with all sentiments concerning the recent killings in Plateau state. Whenever you kill one person, you should remember that you are separating him from very many others made up of his friends, relations and beneficiaries who are naturally angered by the loss. 

To avoid any reaction to such monumental loss, justice must be done to appease the anger of those affected by such death and is the duty of the people to see to that as well.

Unfortunately some people justify such injustices for personal whims, greed and sentiments.

A very clear example is when the Buhari Army clampdown on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in Zaria in Dec 2015, for the support of Buhari people publicly justified the genocide and praised Buhari for killing over 1000 of the members of the movement and burying them in mass graves. They so wanted everything to be swept under the carpet for the love they have for the killer.

If the members of the movement were not truly focused and responsible and decided to retaliate in whatever way, many of us today will not be here talking. Some would have died and others would have migrated to safety. But we all watched as they are suppressed and did nothing except for the few that spoke against it lest the befalls them.

Everyone watched as their worship places and the home of their leader were all illegally demolished by government and said nothing. Everyone watched as their leader and his wife whose three children were killed during the attack by the Buhari army were dragged to illegal detention in contravention of all known laws but did nothing.

These oppressed people sorted redress through legal means and the law freed their leader with compensations but the government acted in total contempt of court and disobeyed the judgement and nobody is saying anything either.

Should the members of the movement decide to become violent by any means since justice is seen to have been denied them by the government and the people who will have any moral right to accuse them of being violent?

Nigerians have watched how Buhari police attack their peaceful protests and kill them on the streets like ants and everyone has remained unconcerned. But when things degenerate and become rowdy all sorts of things would be heard from all manners of people. Where art thou conscience? Have you lost your sense of Justice and Fairness or is it taken over by cowardice and sentiments?

We must learn to speak against injustice in its universality and entirety no matter how, not just as it relates to our political, religious or tribal interests but for humanity.

Justice is indeed a universal language that when it is denied to one is denied to all. Justice is equally such that it must not just be done but be seen to have been done. Until we do that, killings might just have started in our immediate environments.


sheikh house burnt

The residence of Sheikh Zakzaky set ablaze by Nigerian soliders on Dec 15 2015