Foreign Arrogant Powers Vow to Abort Birth of Another Iran in Africa- Shekh Turi Print

Shaykh Turi Speaks at Kano khatamah Maulud. The units and zones of the Islamic Movement in Kano have conducted competitive Maulud anniversary of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (S)]sessions in succession right from day one of this blessed Month. 



Maulud procession in the Kano metropolitan was then conducted amidst ‘security drama’ on the twelfth. To crown it all, a concluding grand Maulud assembly (Khatamah), was conducted on Sunday, 27th Rabi’ul awwal1433 H/19th February, 2012 at the famous ancient Kano city Mosque. However, this year, the event was done at daytime instead of the usual night time because of the ‘simulated insecurity’, courtesy of the ‘dividends of hypocrisy’.

The special guest speaker, Malam Muhammad Turi, rejoiced with the teeming attendants and expressed gratitude to the Almighty for sparing our lives to once again grace this memorable occasion. He hailed the brothers and sisters for their tremendous efforts in making the occasion a success.

As part of his opening remarks, he explored the World situation before and after the advent of ‘the mercy to the creatures’, Muhammad (SAWA). In pre Islamic Arabia, where power belonged to the mighty, the prophet was able to transform the once hard hearted tribal chauvinist Arabs into an outstanding brotherhood that has not been witnessed in human history.

The greatest ‘weapon’ used by the Prophet, contrary to unfounded speculation by the enemies of Islam, was his character. He exhibited a perfect model for mankind. This is affirmed by the Almighty in the Holy Revelation: “Certainly you have in the Apostle of Allah an excellent exemplar for him who hopes in Allah and the latter day and remembers Allah much.”[Quran: 33.21].

Certainly, observed Malam Turi, the Prophet has struggled in order for mankind to get salvation.  His reward was and is still not a Worldly recompense. We are urged to show love to his Ahlulbayt (progeny). They form part of the two thaqalayn (weighty things) which would never separate until they meet the Prophet in the pond (of Kauthar). The other is the Book of Allah (SWT), the Qur’an. Shaykh quickly drew the attention of attendants towards the practice of constant recitation of the Salawat, the salutation to the prophet and his Ahlulbayt. This Salat is only complete upon the inclusion of the Ahlulbayt; otherwise, the Noble Prophet has categorically prohibited it.

Shaykh Turi pointed to the pathetic situation of ungodliness, tyranny and oppression meted out to the masses of this country, Nigeria despite the fact that we have the Islamic legacy of Shehu bn Fodio with us. The revered leader of the Islamic Movement in this country,  his eminence, Sayyeed Zakzaky (H) has been tirelessly calling people to revert back to this noble legacy. Worst still, the whole security apparatus of the country is now in the hands of apartheid Zionist entity that is known worldwide for terror.

On the current Islamic awakening in the Middle East, whose roots could be undoubtedly traced to the Islamic revolution in Iran, Malam Turi re-iterated the fact that it is surely coming to Nigeria. It is a destiny from God. He said that the United States, its proxy Zionist  illegal entity and other western imperial powers are particular about Nigeria and Egypt. They have vowed to abort the birth of another Iran in Africa. Iran, unarguably, is a rising superpower whereas US is a rapidly declining one soon to be dumped in the dust bin of ‘once upon a time.’

In their analysis, noted Malam Turi, the usurper powers saw that the masses are being pushed to the wall due to continued oppression and corruption. Certainly, this is preparing a fertile ground for mass uprising. They fear that people might find succour with the vibrant Islamic Movement. So their target is to eliminate the revered leader, Sayyeed Zakzaky (H). Already they have collaborated with their errand boys in the Nigerian Government and awarded an oily contract to one Patrick Williams inc Company of the United States to assassinate the Sayyeed. This exhibits the peak of unimaginable irresponsibility: A nation exporting tax payers’ money to a far away assassin to come and kill its own bonafide citizen – a highly placed one for that matter!

Malam Turi emphatically stated that no soul shall die until at its appointed time. So they would never succeed in averting the will of Allah. Sayyeed Zakzaky (H) shall fulfill the mission of Allah as Shehu Fodio (TR) has pointed out in some of his writings. Before concluding, M. Turi urged the teeming masses not to fold their arms. They should wake up and rise to the challenges.

In conclusion, he cautioned the Government that it should not attempt to stop any Islamic gathering or occasion on the flimsy ground of pseudo- insecurity. He recalled that the authorities had wanted to thwart the maulud procession on the 12th Rabiul Awwal. He stressed the point that the Movement is ready to accept invitation from any Islamic school of thought in the event of conduct of an occasion. Thus the concept of Islam being one entity would be manifest. Muslims would then appear as identical twins.

Dauda Nalado reports.