Sheikh Zakzaky (H) Uncovers A Three-Point Agenda to Supress the Islamic Movement Print

By Ibrahim Usman.-Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqub Zakzaky has exposed an international agenda to assassinate him, suppress Islamic resurgence and balkanize Nigeria.


 He made the disclosure at the climax of Maulud celebration in Zaria, Thursday. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria annualy commemorate the birthday of the Holy Prophet with a rally round the city of Zaria attended by million Muslims across and beyond Nigeria.



 Sheikh Zakzaky was commenting on the current Boko Harama crises, which he described as a hoax and a smoke –screen to surpress Islamic revival in Nigeria. According to him, a US based company, Patrick Williams, was contracted to bring chaos in Nigeria. The company, which said specializes in killing people, has three terms of reference: to kill him, tarnish the image of Islam and balkanize Nigeria along religious boundaries. He said, Patrick Williams who runs the company, is Briton but resides in the United States.



 He described the three-point agenda as handiwork of the so-called super powers to surpress Islamic resurgence and prevent Islamic awakening taking place in other coutries. “For them to do that, they must do away with anything or anyone that will stand on their way. First, there is the Islamic Movement that has a leadership that must be eliminated, meaning me. Secondly, the ideology of the Movement, Islam, should be tarnished and be associated with terrorism. Thirdly, the Muslims should be isolated so that they do not influence other people. So they plan to balkanize Nigeria; Muslims in the North, Christinas in the South”.



 Sheikh Zakzaky pointed out that, he has never imagined himself as leader of a group, but as servant of Allah, Who holds his life in His hands. “Killing me is not killing Islam, and will never stop it from flourishing.Even if you kill me, Allah Who created me, will raise someone like me. You cannot kill me until my time has come as decreed by Allah. When you killed Imam Musa Sadr  in Lebanon, Allah raised  Sayyed Abbas Musawi. When you killed Sayyed Abbas Musawi, Allah raised Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, who was hitherto unknown. Killing a leader is not killing ideology”. He said, the special military squad stationed on stand-by inside the Federal College of Education, Gyallesu Zaria,since after the post election violence was recently reported to have made a surveillance visit in the middle of the night. Similarly, he said, a military helicopter was visibly seen hovering his residence at close range, taking pictures.



 On bomblast taking place, Sheikh Zakzaky cited the recent blast in Kaduna to show the fallacy of the operation. According to him, sometimes a high sound  and earh vibrating devices were used in some instances to claim it was bomblast. “Why didn’t they allow journalists to witness what actually happened? he querried. He pointed out that, the intent was to instil fear in the people by placing unnecessary check points, kill people at will and have access to security vote, and in the process, actualize the selfish end of decending on Muslims and Islam.



 Sheikh Zakzaky said there is no government in Nigeria, as everything is being planned and executed from America. He pointed out that, Nigerian government has no power or control over its resources and security system. Nigerian security, he explained, are mere tools being paid, without clear vision of what is happening behind the scene.
On the plan to balkanize Nigeria along religious line, North and South, he explained that Nigeria as a highly cosmopolitan country, is different from other countries that were balkanized. He said, part of the fallacy of the agenda was the carving out of some northern states and placing them in the south. Such states according to the plan, he explained are, Adamawa, Kogi, Abuja, Benue, Kwara, Taraba, Nassarawa, Plateau, as part of southern states. The northern states are, Zamafara, Kano, Katsina, Sokoto, Borno, Yobe,  Bauchi, Gombe,Jigawa, Kebbi, Kaduna and Niger. “In all the imaginary divides, you find faithfuls of the two religions as indigenes, where will they take them to? “It is almost impossible to divide Nigeria along religious lines, as they assume. They will find it very difficult to do that”.



Sheikh Zakzaky assured that, Islam will triumph, no matter the machuination and conspiracy.