Sayyid explains differences between Faith and Submission Print

On Wednesday the 18th of Muharram 1433 the weekly Tafseer of the holy Qur’an was conducted. Sayyid Zakaky translates and explains the verse in surah Hujurat:


  “The Bedouins say. ‘ We have faith’ Say(the Messenger) ‘You do not have faith yer; rather say ‘We have embraced Islam,’ for faith has not yet entered into your hearts. Yet if you obey Allah and His apostle, He will not stint anything of [ the reward of] your works. Indeed Allah is all-forgiving all-merciful.”


While explaining the verse Sayyid Zakzaky spoke the Arabs on whom the verse was referring to- people who openly proclaimed faith while Allah (SW) exposed that they didn’t yet have faith, they rather submitted.  So base on this Sayyid Zakzaky made extensive explanation on faith and submission to Islam together with their differences while citing related sayings of the Apostle of Allah(SAWA).

He also s poke of word A’arab which he said may not refer to Bedouins, rather a people who behaved as Bedouins; so Allah addressed them as such.

After the Tafsir and sunset prayers, Matam was performed followed by Ziyara of Imam Husain(AS).