Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Written by freezak   
Saturday, 18 March 2023 14:51

John Hussein
For the past three months Israeli govt. murdered over 80 Palestinians however the resistance continues. For the past 8 years APC Buhari led govt. murdered over 1000+ the midget Kaduna governor El-Rufai among the 3 top executers yet the Islamic movement stands still.

In a systematic copy of the apartheid Israeli way of killing innocent people El-Rufai led his convoy troops to attack and shot peaceful protesters killing 6, injuring many on a broad daylight in Kaduna.

In recent days El-Rufai have been campaigning for his party boldly taking the credit of all the atrocities committed during the #zariamassacre, he is telling the public that he is the one responsible for killing innocent old, women and children in Zaria unfortunately he skip to tell the public that he is also responsible for the hike in tuition fees at Kaduna State University, making thousands unemployed, he is also responsible for demolition many houses and shops across the state and even a whole market turning many into homeless beggars in an exact form of what the Israelis doing in Gaza.

Let me remind the midget, in the next coming months you are no longer the governor of Kaduna and you will have no any single power in the state. Yes you may laugh now when you hear me saying this but mark my words your boy now will not be answerable to you tomorrow ask your mates.

Keep on doing all that you can but you can't stop the Islamic movement. Keep on killing but surely you can't kill all of us. Keep on lying but definitely the truth will one day prevails. Keep on obeying your masters in the West they will dump you at last. Keep on plotting for Sheikh Zakzaky he will surely emerge victorious.

Nigeria is our land, its currupt because of people like you, we will not give up the call to make it great no matter the price.