Monday, March 27, 2023
Sheikh Zakzaky @72: Encomium To The Last Man Standing! PDF Print E-mail
Written by freezak   
Tuesday, 07 March 2023 17:17

By Muh'd M. Ndanusa
This is not a usual happy birthday message, it is an encomium to a man of good virtue, the man who steps forward holding a torch, to lead in a very dark, dangerous, and horrendous way while others follow.

The current situation in Nigeria is similar to that of a bizarre horror movie, in which humans turn into vampires by sucking the blood of fellow humans; a horror movie where the sanctity of lives ceases to hold its meaning, by the outrageous rampage of monsters desperate to point, kill and devour.

At a time, and in a country where religious, traditional, and political leaders trade their followers for cash - it is a blessing to have the likes of Sheikh Zakzaky.

It is a blessing to have a leader of the people who cares more about the betterment of the nation, not those that care about the positive dynamism of their pockets or bank balance.

This is a man who walks the talk, not a mere theoretician who has never tested the validity or otherwise of his hypotheses.

Sheikh Zakzaky has proven that his doctrine is the only solution to Nigeria's complex problems. It is very simple to ascertain. Central to it are justice and fairness. The primary objective of the Islamic Movement is to actualize a just society, justice for all humans irrespective of tribal or religious affiliations.

Don't listen to what the antagonists say about Sheikh Zakzaky, do your homework and get to know him and his struggle from verified sources. All he is clamoring for is a better Nigeria.

A lot of negative vibes were peddled by the antagonists about Sheikh Zakzaky, yet the world has acknowledged the fact that he is a man of peace. A man who shielded the Christians from lynching in his hometown, Zaria.

Assuming Sheikh Zakzaky is a violent person, we won't be having a country by now. He has the followership that is ready to bring the whole country to its knees, yet he urged calmness at a time when his three grown sons were mercilessly killed by the Nigerian military on the 25th of July 2014.

In December 2015, he was attacked in his Zaria residence where an additional three of his children were extrajudicially massacred by the men of the Nigerian Army. The Sheikh and his wife sustained life-threatening injuries. Over 1,000 of his followers were killed.

No, I repeat, no leader will remain calm and focused after experiencing such atrocities. Yet, the Sheikh is still calm, courageous, and peaceful.

Today is your 72nd birthday Sheikh, the world appreciates you, and history will be kind to your courage, sacrifice, and dedication.

I have wandered enough in the public service, professional career, and private enterprise, interacting with leaders and decision-makers, thus I am yet to come across a gentle, pious, noble, and perfect leader like you.

Happy Birthday, father of the oppressed. May Allah in His infinite mercy provide you with a long and healthy life to witness the Nigeria of your aspiration.