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This is the speech delivered by the Leader Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky [H] to commemorate the 44th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran which was posted on the YouTube page of ABS Channel on February 11, 2023. It was trabscribed for you by 'KUNDIN TARIHIN HARKA' and translated by the 'Translation Team of the AFIM'.

(May) peace and blessings of Allah be upon you. In few minutes, I would like to talk about this celebratory period of the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Republic (of Iran).
First of all, I will start by congratulating us for witnessing, by the grace of Allah, the success of this revolution for 44 whole years, despite conspiracies and destructive plots by enemies. The enemies still haven't relented on their efforts, but Allah has firmly established this revolution (made it successful).
The Islamic Revolution in Iran is a symbolic (occurrence) that enkindled hope (in our hearts). Because it came at a time when Islam was expected to become history. In other words, (at that time), the reign of Islam over the world was deemed only as a historical narration that could be read (in books). It (Islam) was seen as just a bygone (phenomenon). And that was that.
In line with that, the countries that make these assumptions sectioned the world into two or three: the First, Second and Third 'worlds'. They also categorized themselves into the East and the West, passing other societies (under their rule) as if they're playing football.
This (country) goes to this side, that goes to that side. They divided the world into two! They see it as if it's settled like this; they compete among themselves. They never expected that Islam would come and change the 'equation'. But they were taken by surprise when the Islamic Revolution of Iran occurred 44 years ago. This revolution shook the world; both the East and the West. Even the Muslim community was surprised by it, and it gave them hope that this religion on which we hinge our hope can still return and rule the world in this age. So it can be possible!
Then it turned out that this change of Imam (Q.S) really made people re-examine the religion. The Western world, and basically those who were not Muslims, looked at Islam in a new light. Because those over there see it as something that has ruled the world in history, and that was the (only) time in history which its reign was suitable for, but (they thought that) it was not possible for it to rule this developed world which is progressing in terms of science, technology, art and creative skills, including cutting-edge research (from Earth to the celestial bodies). They thought it wasn't possible for Islam's reign to return in this era.
Then they saw that this it was possible for this religion to come back and rule the world! And it changed their perspective about the world as a whole (and) about religion in general. As said by Kurt Waldheim, a famous person who has been the General Secretary of the United Nations twice and later on became the Prime Minister of his country, Austria, the Islamic Revolution of Iran had made him proud of religion, even though he was a Christian!
And as for Kim Sung, when he was visited by the president of Iran at that time, President Rafsanjani, he actually said that they used to see religion as something that makes people 'sleep', what they call 'opium'. 'Opium' is something (a drug) that can be given to a person to distract him and make him think differently. He confessed that this was what they saw religion as. (They thought that) religion is used to distract people and make them sleep. 'But your religion,' he said, 'Iran's religion (Islam) made us see that it is not like that at all.
It is the same for many people, I mean those who are not Muslims, many of them confessed that the Islamic Revolution of Iran had changed their thinking regarding religious matters. Likewise, the Muslims themselves too! Their perspectives changed and they saw that the Islam they thought might not be able to come back, could actually have a resurgence! And here it is, back in this era.
And then the enemies started thinking about what they could do to it (to bring it down). At first, they started thinking of destroying it. They tried their best to crush them, but they couldn't (crush them). All the measures that are usually done to suppress an empire were tried on Iran. Internal conflict was caused, there was an attempt at a military coup, and a war (Iran-Iraq war) was waged against Iran, spanning eight years; nothing wasn't done.
They even tried propelling airstrikes to kill Imam (Khumaini) and to rescue some of those who were detained and the rest of them, but God Almighty did not give them luck. They did everything that they normally do to destroy nations was also done in Iran but Iran did not collapse. Then they thought that since this is the case, they should make sure that this rerevolutionar idea shouldn't be allowed to be exported from Iran. In other words, its 'isdar' shouldn't be allowed (should be prevented). In English, 'Isdar' means 'Export'.
That is, they planned on preventing the revolution from reaching other places outside Iran; let it stay in Iran alone (since they couldn't destroy it in Iran). So, they came up with the idea that it (the revolution) should be given a name that would distinguish them from other Muslims and say that they belong to a different type of Islam. That was where they rose up with calls against Shi'ism. They portrayed Shi'a as something different in the religion of Islam which was not part of the religion. But what they did all turned out to be an error.
First, restricting (imposing sanctions on) Iran only made it stronger. Not entering into deals with Iran and sidelining it made it stronger to the extent that they even started to think that the progress made by Iran, especially in terms of 'technology', was threatening. They'd earlier thought that if they isolate (sideline) Iran, it will collapse. But they saw that it became stronger. And then their effort to defame the religion made more people interested in researching and understanding what it really is.
It turned out that their efforts only served to publicise the religion they were trying to defame. It is now that many people know that the AhlulBayt have a 'Madh'hab' (religious school of thought). Yes, the Islamic Republic of Iran is an Islamic Republic, not a sectarian republic. But trying to associate it primarily to the AhlulBayt school of thought served to publicise it. So, you see, in short, every trick they did backfired (turned out results that are opposite of what they expected). This greatly publicised the reality of this revolution and its ideology to different parts of the world, including this part that we are in, where the impact of this revolution has been greatly witnessed, making people have great hope.
Well, we still know that the West still hasn't relented in its efforts (and conspiracies). They are still waiting (to prance) at any time. We saw what they did some months back regarding a lady who collapsed at a police station and was taken to the hospital where she died due to illness. They did other things including burning and killing, while also insulting the Hijab and along with other religious symbols. And now, they have started celebrations (where they) burn the Qur'an and the like. All they're doing is nothing but trying to see to the 'collapse' of this religion whose 'end' they expect to come. But instead, they are (indirectly) propagating it!
Well, another thing that I usually say; I have repeatedly said that the Islamic Republic of Iran must take the responsibility of leading the Muslim Ummah (society) because the Ummah sees her as a leader. When I was in detention, there was someone, one of our detainers (a prison guard), who spoke to me. What he said surprised me, because he seemed like a prison guard who wouldn't know some things. He said that the world is divided into two: the West and their supporters see America as their mother, while the Muslim Ummah sees Iran as their mother.
This statement surprised me greatly, considering from whom I heard it. Perhaps if I'd heard it from a University Lecturer, I would've understood that perhaps he'd made a research and gotten this as his finding. But this person (who made this statement) was just a junior worker (prison staff)! I was greatly surprised by this.
And what he said is (actually) true! In fact, Iran is indeed seen as a mother, and she must take up her position in order to lead properly.
Well, we over here thank God for making us respond to the call of this revolution since the time when Imam was still alive. And Alhamdulillah, the essence of this call has entered every corner of this country. Therefore, people who say that what happened in Iran cannot happen here, should stop thinking that way. This is not true. What happened in Iran can happen anywhere if God wills.
I know there was a time when some people went to visit Sayyid Khamenei (leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran), and he said to them: 'This revolution that happened in Iran is a product of Allah's doing. If Allah wants to establish it in Italy, it will be done in Italy. Allah Taala's operations is in the form of 'Be! And it happens immediately'. If He wants to establish this religion wherever He wants, He can establish it. And He would establish it using the ones He wants at the time (when) He wants.'
You see, Allah (SWT) sent this Messenger among people who worship idols and think it absurd for one to say that God is one. They are the ones whom Allah Ta'ala transformed from those dry-hearted people who sleep with swords and regularly engaged in tribal fights, into people with softened hearts who, like starts, accepted this religion and spread it in the world. Allah (SWT) did this in such an environment, let alone in a place which has a history of the establishment of religion!
Then some people say that this country (Nigeria) does not belong to Muslims alone. Well, even Iran wasn't a country for only Muslims, or followers of the Shi'i madh'hab! Here, you try telling us that the propagated religion is 'Shi'a', and the people are not all Shi'a. In response to that, we say that you are the ones talking about this; we told you that the religion of Islam is not a sect! We are not calling towards this or that sect, we are calling towards Islam. And the religion of Islam is for everyone, including those who are not Muslims.
Those who aren't Muslims would have the right to practise their religion if the religion of Islam is established, but Islam will be at the helm of affairs. This is because Islam has a set of defined laws – be reminded that these laws are not made by man; they were made by Allah (SWT). The laws were not made by man. They were not based on man's plan or man's choice; they are in accordance with Allah's principles.
Therefore, the establishment of religion is something that can be made possible by Allah (SWT). You will only do what you can do, and Allah will do His. Even if we assume that is wouldn't be possible to establish religion here, as some say, what we should do is to call (towards the right path) and be persistent until the end of our lives. If Allah establishes the religion, glory be to Him! Meanwhile, God willing, Allah will establish it. By Allah's will, we are only waiting for (the right) time.
We are grateful to Allah Ta'ala for allowing this legacy (of the Islamic Revolution) by Imam Khomaini (QS) to live on after his demise in the hands of one who took its reins as if Imam Khomaini is still here. The enemies thought that if Imam Khomaini died, then everything would come to an end. They even said that they knew the history of Islam, and that when the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) died, there was a dispute over leadership (his succession), so, (they thought that) even in this case, there would also be a dispute over leadership after the demise of the Imam and things would go back to the way they were. Well, Alhamdulillah, they saw that it wasn't like that. And God willing, it will never be like that.
We hope that Allah (SWT) will continue to protect the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Muslims of Iran. And we also hope that the Almighty will protect the Leader, Sayyid Ali Khamene'i (DZ) on this path until the return of the one with whose reappearance we will find a way out (of the oppression and injustice plaguing the world), the Imam of the Time (AJF).
Peace be upon the Noble Prophet Muhammad and his pure progeny. May Allah's peace and blessings be upon you.
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