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IN THE MEMORY OF OUR MARTYRS: Shaheed Ali Haidar PDF Print E-mail
Written by freezak   
Saturday, 10 December 2022 07:52

Shaheed Ali Haidar was born on the 22nd September, 1999 (12/06/1420 A.H.) in Gyallesu, Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria. He was the 8th child in the family of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and Malama Zeenah Ibraheem.

Haidar started his education in 2003 at Therbow international school where he obtained his nursery, primary and junior secondary education which he completed in 2013.
In the year 2014 he was a victim of Qud’s day attack that took place on 25th July 2014 where he was shot on his leg which delayed his senior secondary education. Although after his recovery he started his senior secondary education in the year 2015 at Zaria Children School.
Haidar attained martyrdom along with his elder brother Hammad and younger brother Humaid on the 14/12/2015 during the attack of the Nigerian Army of their home, the residence Sheikh Zakzaky at Gyallesu, Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria.
May Allah accept his martyrdom.