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Black Monday 22th July 2019: Today Mark 3 Years with the Attacked against Free Zakzaky protesters PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 22 July 2022 15:36

By Zakiyyah M Ibraheem
Black Monday 22th July 2019: Today Mark 3 Years with the Attacked against Free Zakzaky protesters by Police FCT at the Federal Secretariat Abuja, 6 killed, 3 corpses and 40+ others are still in custody.

History will never forget what happened on this day of 22th July, 2019 in which a few believers demanding Justice and Freedom to the leader of the Islamic Movement Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) faced Death.

On this same day on Monday, the servants of God, the youths of Abuja Struggle (Free Zakzaky protesters) who are fighting day and night in Abuja renewed the Protest calling for the release of Shaikh Zakzaky and his wife Malama Zeenatuddeen at Nitel Junction Abuja.

Men and women including small children are walking on the street in rows carrying the pictures of Sheikh Zakzaky, calling on the oppressive Buhari's Government to immediately release Sheikh Zakzaky so that he can seek medical treatment, the demonstration which went to the National Secretariat Abuja.

Nigerian Police dispersed the protesters with heavy guns and tear killed six (6) and injured dozens many protesters. After the mercilessly attacked, the Police-FCT followed the nooks and crannies of the city of Abuja arrested 62 peaceful protesters.

Shortly after the execution of this terrible act by the security forces at the National Secretariat in Abuja, the security forces went to the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital in Gwagwalada Abuja, where they opened fire again in the hospital and took away the injured disciples of Sheikh Zakzaky and took them to the FCT- SARS Office in Abuja.

It is quite inhuman of the Nigerian Police to arrest admitted patients, even receiving treatment at a hospital only for them to detain the victims without such medical attention elsewhere.

They detained more than 62 people, including women who were wounded by the bullets of the security forces, along with a small boy who also had a shot in his thigh. They are currently holding the corpses of those who killed along with the other members of the Fifty-One family till today 22 July 2022.

In the last few days, the Kuje prison was attacked with the cooperation of the Nigerian government, among those who were killed include Jibril Usman Sarki, one of the disciples of Sheikh Zakzaky that was arrested on that day 22th July, 2019. He was separated from his parents for three years and finally they killed him unjustly.

Therefore, we demand for the release of all the withheld corpses as well as the freedom of our brothers being detained in Kuje Prison.

May Allah (T) accept the martyrdom of our martyrs, the others who are in prison, may Allah deliver them to us, the oppressors in this work, may Almighty Allah punish you according to your act here and hereafter.

black monday protest in abuja -22-7-2022

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