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EID GHADEER: Sheikh Zakzaky described it as the greatest Eid in Islam, called on brothers to appeal to people with wisdom and good words PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 21 July 2022 13:50

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
During his meeting with the representatives of brothers and sisters from various zones of the Islamic movement in Nigeria on the Day of Ghadeer 2022, leader of the movement his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub El-Zakzaky (H) has described the Eid Ghadeer as the greatest of Eids in Islam.

The meeting held on Sunday 17/7/2022 in his Abuja residence as part of events marking Eid Ghadeer celebrations.

Earlier in his speech, Sheikh Zakzaky (H) congratulated the global Muslim community and expressed gratitude to Allah for making us among those who fulfilled the promise of Allah for the fact that we are among His servants who expressed allegiance (Wilayah) to the vicegerency of Commander of the faithful Aliyu Ibn Abi Talib (AS) alongside his pure progeny who are the 12 infallible Imams including him after the holy Prophet (S).

According to the Sheikh, "Being among the followers of Ali is indeed a great blessing".

The leader therefore described blessing of Wilayah as the best of all blessings.
He said, "Allah has indeed blessed us with many things. Firstly, the blessing of creating us from non-existence; after creation, He elevated our position of other creatures; some walk, some creep, some are hopping while some swim, among some that fly in the sky. Allah the Most Omnipotent fits all capability but chooses to treat us as humans, whom He prefers and raises (in position) above all creations on earth".

Sheikh Zakzaky clearly explained what discerned man, animal and holy Angels as regard creation. He said: "A question thus asked, between the Angels and man who is better?" The Commander of the faithful (A.S) Aliyu Ibn Abi Talib was asked regarding to that and in response he said, "Angels are holy spirits, they were endowed with intelligence but no desire (material world and sexual desire). In contrast, an animal is endowed with sexual desire but no intellect, meawhile, human beings are blessed with both. Therefore, if a person's mindset is stronger than his desire, then, he is better than an Angel, and if his desire superseds his mind, then, an animal is better than him."

The leader butressed his statements by citing Qur'anic verse, commenting that, human beings, first of all, were given all opportunities, they were favored. It is therefore total lack of self-effacement that leads man to treat himself presumptously in the society.

Sheikh Zakzaky described Islam as the best priority among human beings on earth.
He explained that it is a priority being a Muslim, where in contrast most people on earth are non-Muslims. This is the priority in faith.

The Sheikh further explained that priority of being believers in Oneness of God and among the followers of Prophet Muhammed (the seal of the Messengers of Allah) is further great priority among believers.

"Above all, Allah in His infinite mercy blessed us with total allegiance to the heir of Ali and the other infallible Imams.

Among the Muslim community, Sheikh Zakzaky notified the significance of being among those who strive to preserve the dignity of the Islamic religion by making a move towrads its restoration as did by all the Messagers of Allah and great Islamic scholars of the past. "Hence, we are struggling, we are making a move towards this glory of Islam (restoration of Islamic system). We always proclaim that, this nation should return to the Islamic system, which is the one and only system that ensures justice for everyone (Muslim and non-Muslim), and in addition, the system of salvation in this world and the hereafter", he said.

Explaining further on Islamic struggle, Sheikh Zakzaky commended the efforts of Muslim brothers and sisters for firm stand towards this restoration of Islam. He added that, it is indeed a great task full of trials and menace in the struggle towards establishment of Islamic justice.

The Sheikh has strengthened brothers and sisters for this Islalmic struggle. He further supported his statements with Qur'anic verse: "Among you believers, there should be those who enjoin what is good and forbid what is bad. It turns out that they command what is good and gorbid what is bad".

While commenting on the day of Ghadeer, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky described the day as Day of great Eid. He added, "It was reported to have said that no Messager of Allah was sent except he celebrates and appoints his heir before his demise on a day like this. Appointing heir on a like this is not by accident, it is indeed a day on which vicegerency is plainly pointed out".

The Sheikh has further enumerated some heirs of some past Messagers of Allah befor the Prophet Muhammed like Prophet Adam, Prophet Moses (Musa (A.S), Prophet Jesus (Isah (A.S). He acknowledged that all these Messagers of Allah appointed their heirs on a day like 18th of Zulhijjah. The annals of history of Islamic religion had testified this. Similarly, it could not be by accident appointing Ali (A.S) as Prophet's heir on 18th of Zulhijjah. It is an act commanded by Allah the Most High.

The Sheikh further explained that it was on this day, 18th of Zulhijjah, Allah the Most High saved Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim (AS) from the torment of fire set by Namarudu to the Prophet.

Sheikh Zakzaky pointed out how enemies of the Prophet's progeny distorted and tempered with the Day of declaration of Wilayah 18th of Dhulhijjah as day of Ashura so as to tarnish the blesseings of the of Ghadeer. He notified how enemies had refused to put forward treatises as regards the bloodshed of Imam Hussein (AS), instead, made series of wite-ups regarding the virtues of the day of Ashurah.

The leader has chronically recounted the events of Ghadeer Khum and the last pilgrimage attended and led by the holy Prophet (S) upon which he declared Ali as rightful successor after him.

Sheikh Zakzaky listed the events that happened during the farewell pilgrimage and series of implications by the Messenger of Allah to his faithful companions in Mecca about the leadership of Imam Ali (AS) after him, till the time when he stood at a spot called 'Ghadeer Khum' along the path to various destination of pilgrims. A spot where the holy Messenger of Allah (S) raised the hand of Ali in before thousands of his Companions on the 18th day of Dhul-Hijjah, 10th year after the migration of the Prophet (S).

Leader of the Islamic movement has finally called on brothers and sisters to appeal to the general members of the public with wisdom and good words.

He notified how some brothers
make irritating words, thinking that they extend messages of Wilayah. Regarding to this, he said, "Whenever we talk to the people, we fear two different things. Firstly, we are afraid of people's misunderstanding. We do shun away from making some statements that would stir people to go astray. We fear people to get off from the path of guidance instead of being guided".

He also said that the second fear is that, we should not hide the truth upon which people on the Day of judgment would stand with proof against us for not revealing the truth to them. Therefore, he said, we must talk while observing these two different things.

His eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky finally expressed gratitude to Allah for the fact that it was on a day like this 18th of Dhulhijjah of the last year, he was rescued by Allah from the yoke of the oppressors.

"A day like this last year, Allah meant for us to get out of the hands of oppressors, and this is how Allah wishes", he said.

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