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Visit to the Leader from Zamfara: America wants to Eliminate People from Zamfara Area- S Zakzaky PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 29 June 2022 17:11

In his meeting with the representatives of the brothers from Talatar Mafara, Gusau, Zuru, Illela, Takakume and Maradun, on Saturday, 25/06/2022 (26/11/1443) at his Abuja residence, the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) clarified the evil intent of the West against the people of Zamfara and Northern Nigeria as a whole.

Regarding our predicament in Northern Nigeria, Sheikh Zakzaky (H) said: "If one observes, he will find out that our predicament in Northern Nigeria does not concern those in authority, it doesn't concern them at all. And if they want to convince people that they've taken measures to counter it, they just cook up lies. The truth of the matter is that it's all a plan from foreign countries. And this was planned long ago in order to plunder the resources underneath our feet."

The Leader explained that the West can follow other legitimate and most appropriate ways in order to posses the resources we have, where he said they are supposed to follow the method of trade. "We have resources and you want it, so come and buy. (But you shouldn't kill us to posses our resources.)"

He said: "Besides our mineral resources, we have farming, we have land that's good for farming, such that even if we hold farming alone in this country, it will satisfy us, even if we leave our mineral resources without mining them, farming alone can satisfy us."

Sheikh Zakzaky gave an example with the statement of late Dan Masanin Kano, where he was narrating how an American Professor told them that America does not care about Nigeria in 1967. The Professor told them that: "we don't care about you, what we care about is the resources you have in your country." He added that: "should we get a robot that can mine the resources you have in your country, we wouldn't mind to eliminate you and have the robot to mine for us."

He said the Professor continued by saying: "but Nigeria is different, you have large population, and you are intelligent, you don't even need to export your products elsewhere for sales because you have market because of your population, you can produce and sell your products all by yourselves. So if we allow you to live in peace for 20 consecutive years, you will be (developed) just like Japan."

At this juncture, Sheikh Zakzaky said it's 55 years now since this statement was made. "What the Professor obviously meant was that we will not let you to live in peace."

The Leader explained further by saying: "they intended to do with Nigeria what they did with Somalia, there is no government in Somalia for almost 30 years today. They are just living in anarchy, so they just go and plunder their resources with no obstacle since there's no government. So they said they wanted to do the same to Nigeria, so that there will be only chaos, but no authority, because that makes it more easier for them to plunder our resources. And wherever they go to plunder resources, they do the same."

Sheikh Zakzaky elucidated on how France instigated chaos in South Africa because it wanted to plunder Diamond. He also narrated how America and France rushed to Mali in search for Gold until they finally destroyed the country. "Mali's Gold and Niger's Uranium. It was said that France gets its electricity from Niger's Uranium, while Niger don't have good electricity."

Moreover, Sheikh Zakzaky (H) highlighted on an interview with a former North Western governor, Alhaji Usman Faroqu where he said: "after the war was over, England and America came and requested for a licence for mining the resources underneath North Western Nigeria."
They asked him to sign an agreement in that regard as the governor, that all the resources underneath that area is theirs. But he said: "no, I will not sign unless if you include Russia in the agreement, because during the war, America and England refused to give us weapons, but Russia helped us with warplanes which helped in ending the war, but you America and England refused to sell weapons to us, so if you want my signature you need to include Russia in the agreement." So they also refused to include Russia. So he said he will not sign for them as the governor.

The Leader said, Alhaji Usman explained that: "later on, the Ambassador of Russia in Nigeria once said to him, do you know why they (America and England) want the licence for themselves only? Because you have Uranium, and if they leave you with your Uranium you will be able to produce nuclear. They want you to give them the opportunity to control/own it. They might not necessarily start mining anytime soon, perhaps till after 250 years, they just want it to be theirs."

Sheikh Zakzaky said: "You see now (Alhaji Usman) said he refused to sign right? But how are you sure that someone else didn't sign for them?"
He further said: "how sure are you that they didn't sign for them during Obasanjo's administration? Because it was during his administration that Americanism came, everything (became) American. They went and senselessly copied American constitution word-to-word (and brought it to Nigeria) without any shame. While America is not even a state, it's just a destination for emigrants from around the world, but Nigeria is our ancestral homeland, it's not an emigrants' destination. "America's constitution does not suit this country, you (Nigerians) are supposed to create something (a constitution) that suits you." He stressed.

The Leader clarified that: "Now American has sent its soldiers to this country already, even though they don't come out and say it in public. There was a time Buhari went to Trump and thanked him for his contributions, which included sending their (American) soldiers. So they became upset that he has revealed their secret, because they don't want people to know that American soldiers are in this country. Yet they are the ones that are even controlling Nigerian army."

While he was talking about what they are plotting against this country, Sheikh Zakzaky elucidated that: "firstly, in their effort to mess up the country, thay try to get rid of farming and cattle rearing, because the northerners of this country depend on that. If you observe, you will notice that the northerners of this country don't care too much about modern education, even if one finishes school and start working, he can retire and go back to farm or get another business before the age of retirement."
He said: "Farming, Cattle rearing and Marketing are being targeted if you observe. These three things, and they started by stopping Cattle rearing, then Farming, then Marketing. If you observe, these catastrophes came one after the other.
"Firstly, they created gun men, through which they attack Fulani, and then they separated Fulani with his cows and gave him gun, and instigated him to avenge. So Fulani started going to villages and destroying their grains (and kill people)."
He added that: "they sow enmity in us in no time, while Farmers and herders lived in peace before."

Sheikh Zakzaky clarified the agenda of the West, saying: "(Their agenda) is that they want you to kill yourselves, your name is Fulani and Hausa, this one have enmity for that one and vice versa, so you should fight and kill yourselves, and vacate your villages. What will be left then? The resources underneath your soil, and they will come and plunder it. That's their agenda."

He said: "When they did what they did in North East, they said it was something called Boko Haram, that they are lovers of Islam, and they are fighting Nigerian government. You that are fighting Nigerian government, you that want to establish Islamic government, why do you have to explode bomb in markets, Mosques and Churches? Is Nigerian government in the market? Aren't they supposed to go to where the government is and fight them? But they said those that are exploding bombs are lovers of Islam, yet nobody knows and sees them, is only the bombs that explode."

He continued by saying: "the surprising thing is that all the bomb explosions happen in the North East, and Americans enter anyhow they like. Likewise what is happening in Zamfara, the westerners enter anyhow they like also. Nothing has ever happened to any westerner."
He further said: "A westerner can go to that area and nothing will happen to him. All this kidnapping has never caught up with a westerner, they are always well, they enter everywhere, either in the name of World Health Organisation, or in the name of other organisations, they enter different villages and all they are doing is plundering our resources, all they are doing in Zamfara is plundering Gold. They come with helicopters and take the Gold, but after they eliminate the people there."

The Leader expressed his frustration over our predicament by saying: "in this situation, one should think of what he supposed to do, he shouldn't wait for someone to tell him what to do, because this people have the intention of destroying these towns/villages at all cost. There is someone that told me some people left their towns/villages and moved to other towns/villages but they followed them there (and terrorised them). So you see, since the agenda of this people is to scatter you, if not they will kill you, if they didn't attack you today, they will attack you tomorrow; what they mean is that they will continue like that nonstop, until they kill you all. As such, they destroy any town/village they target, either the people leave the town/village, or they drive them out by force through frequent attacks."

He stressed that: "They already decided that they don't want anybody to live there, nobody should live there, everybody should leave. So you as a farmer how can you live there? You don't have peace of mind at the farm, you don't have peace of mind at home either."
At the end, Sheikh Zakzaky (H) urged people to stick to prayers and turn back to Almigthy Allah, where he said: "all we can do is pray, it's our only weapon after all."

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visit to leader, gusau, mafara, illea-25-2022

visit to leader, gusau, mafara, illea-25-2022

visit to leader, gusau, mafara, illea-25-2022

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