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Thursday, 02 June 2022 19:11

By Abdullahi Junaid
The Imam's week is globally dedicated to Imam Khomeini and this year, it marks his 34th death Anniversary. Imam Khomeini was a man who struggled tirelessly to save human lives from colonialism.

The Imam's efforts shook Western powers and led other innocent countries of the world towards economic, political and cultural independence.
Before the emergence of Imam Khomeini, the world was dominated in major aspects of life. Darkness reigned in the world and even the so-called 'independent' nations were answerable to colonial powers who then controlled the world as they are controlling African countries today. The wealth and resources of those countries were exploited and looted by US and its allies.
Imam Khomeini stood on his feet and taught those innocent countries how to be free from Western domination. This man isn't only for the Muslims; his message was for all humanity as his actions were targeted at establishing justice for all humans irrespective of race, religion or culture.
Today, if you call the name of "Khomeini", Global arrogant powers feel an immeasurable pain. This world needs only one Khomeini and it got him; what we now need is to emulate his deeds, as said by Sheikh Zakzaky (H) in one of his speeches about Imam Khomeini.
The struggle of Imam Khomeini has been emulated by many countries that are not even practicing Islam, in their bid to extricate themselves from colonialism. His deeds raised the hopes of oppressed victims of colonialism in their millions, giving them the courage to struggle for independence.
The impact of this soul called Khomeini still stirs in the hearts of many worldwide, especially in the middle east. The great slap he gave to US and its allies still aches them as they are yet to recover. Indeed, the name "Khomeini" is a symbol of struggle for justice.
It is high time for other innocent countries which are victims of colonialism, especially in Africa, to start emulating Khomeini's struggle for freedom in Iran. This way, they'd successfully join the countries that had successfully succeeded in attaining justice and freedom.
-Abdullahi Junaidu, for Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement, ABU Zaria Chapter.

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