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Thursday, 02 June 2022 10:37

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
It was on Saturday 18/5/2022, a group of pupils drawn from various Fudiyya schools who learnt the holy Qur'an by heart visited his eminence leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub El-Zakzaky (H) at his resisdence in Abuja.

While addressing the pupils as those who passed the first stage of knowledge- recitation and learning the holy Qur'an by heart- Sheikh Zakzaky started speaking by acknowledging them that, "A student who memorizes the holy Qur'an is supposed to conduct his affairs in accordance with the Qur'anic teachings and religious principles, to the point of being a role model for others. He is supposed to lead an exemplary life where the good teachings of the divine book is supposedly instilled in him. It should turn out that whenever he speaks, there should be a meaningful conversation".

Sheikh Zakzaky congratulated the pupils on memorizing the Holy Qur'an, explaining memorization of the Qur'an as the first step in the pursuit of religious knowledge. "We congratulate you on your memorization of the Holy Quran. May Allah bless you, and may He bless your studies", he said.

The leader drew the attention of the pupils to the frequent recitation of the Qur'an, stating that memorization of the Qur'an is the first stage, and it should not be the end of it. "Now, you are to try and learn the scriptural meanings of the Quran. The Qur'an has now been recited, but what the Qur'an says in its true meanings has not been learnt. What does it really mean? It is the next step for one who has memorized the holy Quran", he explained.

Leader of the Islamic movement explained that the Qur'an has various aspects of learning its knowledge (Ulumul Qur'an). Knowledge of the exegesis of the Qur'an which is the true knowledge of its meanings is one of the aspects. He said that it is followed by the subject of its weight. The revered leader says the weight of the Qur'an is the practical application of what it teaches.

Butressing his statment, the Sheikh therefore cited a verse from the Qur'an where Allah (T) says, "We will send you with a weighty statement". Sheikh Zakzaky clarified that, the Qur'anic commentators had interpreted the weighty statement as practical application on what was truely revealed.

Sheikh Zakzaky explained that the Arabic word 'Hifz' which appears in the Quran does not mean merely memorization; it means abstainment. The meaning of the word 'Hifz' goes beyond the meaning of memorization. Abstainment means that the reader of the Qur'an should observe and strictly stick to the meaning of what is revealed by acting upon it.

Sheikh Zakzaky explained that, like other Muslim countries, in this country (Nigeria) we have been blessed with Qur'anic recitation. Children memorize the Holy Quran right from an early age. They are being nurtured and educated with its teachings.

Leader of the Islamic movement however emphasized the learning of the Holy Qur'an by writing it during its study. He said, "I know that the way you learn the Qur'an in our various Fudiyya schools, you do not write like the learners in the Almajiri education system. Therefore the importance of writing it cannot be over-emphasized".

The leader however added that, "Qur'anic learners will benefit greatly from writing. According to him, whatever you write is better memorized".

He emphasizes the importance of writing. He asserted that, he (himself) had written the Holy Qur'an at the very time he was memorizing it. He said, "I had written the Holy Qur'an by hand".

"When I read some times, I remember how it was written, how I wrote it. But now that we have been targeted, the hand-written Qur'an and many other books have all been burned. The house was burnt and razed down".

Sheikh Zakzaky explained that the serial arrangement of the Qur'an is how it was revealed to the Prophet (S), that is how it was sent down by Allah. It is not as some may have claimed that its serial arrangement had been designed by some. He said that Allah (T) has made the Qur'an easy to read, that is why even non-Arabs can read simply.

The sheikh urged the Qur'anic memorizers to endeavour to be the stars that would illuminate this nation in the near future. To this regard, he said, "We have hope for this very nation in due course. We are hoping to be the glowing stars that would henceforth illuminate the nation. You therefore have a great task ahead of you".

"The task before you is to act according to the contents of the Quran yourself, when you stick to its teachings, the community will learn from your awe-inspiring characters more than what you are teaching them".

He said, "I used to say that whoever memorizes the Qur'an, it is as if he has been given the keys to paradise." It left for him to let the key have a positive impact on him and eventually entered the paradise. So now, he will either take advantage of the opportunity, or he throws it away. To throw it away, is to refuse to act in accordance with what the Qur'an teaches for a better outcome (paradise).

Sheikh Zakzaky concluded his speech with a prayer for the blessings of Allah upon them, "May Allah bless you, may Allah bless the nation with abundant number of Qur'anic memerizers. May He make you the illuminating stars of this immediate nation in the near future".

fudiyyah students visit sheikh zakzaky in abuja

fudiyyah students visit sheikh zakzaky in abuja