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Tuesday, 29 March 2022 09:43

So, as soon as you see an Imam, it's not something that someone wouldn't understand, even an enemy would understand that this is not a common person, one would understand that this (Imam) is talking with knowledge, even though he's a child. And naturally, what we know is that when people are given birth to, they follow the stages of childhood gradually, up to the stage that they would be trained to start talking.

(Up to when) the child would start saying Ba or Ma, that's why you would hear them saying Ba-ba. Those are universal words that children create, that's why you would see everywhere in the world, children call their fathers Baba. Every language uses Baba, because children start talking with Ba-ba or Ma-ma, from then, you would find out that if you say Mama, the meaning is mother. So children gradually learn their language depending on where they live, up to the stage that people would start getting surprised that he could now pronounce this, he could pronounce that.
But the infallibles start talking fluently right after they are given birth to, 'bi lisanin Arabiyyin fasih' (with good command of Arabic language), they talk fluently. And from their childhood, one would understand that they are not normal children (they are exceptional). And all of them were like that, right from the for Imam, none of them was like a normal child.
That was why when Ma'amun was testing Imam Jawad, when he was in his teenage years, he tested him and observed that he was the Imam. Because he observed that he was a very knowledgeable kid. You know the story of his (Imam Jawad's) encounter with Yahya bin Aktham right? When Ma'amun arranged a discussion (between Imam Jawad and the scholars of that time), so Yahya bin Aktham asked Imam on the ruling regarding somebody that hunt an animal while wearing an Ihram durin Hajj? You know the story right? I don't have to narrate it.
Imam outlined almost 50 different cases under that; he said did the person hunt during the day or night? This he hunt in so-so place or so-so place? Did he hunt a bird or a big animal? He continued listing. So (Yahya bin Aktham) who was the Chief Judge of the time just opened his mouth (in an astonishing manner and said) what kind of knowledge is this? And he was in his teenage years then. So Imam later came and answer all the questions, if it's in so-so state, the ruling is this, if it's in so-so state, the ruling is that, almost 50 different cases.
So he (the Chief Judge) just opened his mouth, saying this is astonishing, where did this boy studied? So Ma'amun said didn't I told you he was the Imam of his time? He is his father's successor. I just test him for you to sew. That was why when Ma'amun wanted to marry his daughter to Imam Jawad, his Abbasid relatives didn't agree to it, so Ma'amun did that test to Imam Jawad in front of them, so they became surprised and said what kind of knowledge is this? A small youth with this kind of knowledge!
So they are usually different (from the rest of the people), all of them, because their knowledge is not the same with ours, us that go to school, sometimes we remember, sometimes we forget.
So as I was saying, when Sahibul Asr Waz Zaman was growing, they knew it was him and they tried to eliminate him right from childhood. They made different attempts but Allah didn't allow that to happen, to the extent that when they realised that followers of Ahlulbayt are living without any worries of not having a leader (Imam) after Imam Hassan Askari (pbuh), and they (authority) couldn't find where the Imam was. They tried hard to find him (but they couldn't). But he lived among his followers, although there were few people that knew where he stays.
But at that time, the enemies were looking for him to kill him, with that they couldn't eliminate what Allah promised. You know no one can prevent what Allah destined to happen right? It's not possible, but the enemies tried to do that, but Allah didn't allow them to even know where he was.
But they observed that the followers of the Imam didn't have any problem (of leadership). If any problem arises, they would say the Imam of the time said so and so (solution). They enemies would ask, where do you see him? Because Allah hid him from the view of those that are not his followers, only his followers sees him. His followers had certainty, but others (the enemies) that knew about him tried to prevent (people from recognising him by killing him once and for all) but they didn't know where he was.
Up to the time he got into minor occultation, he used some representatives to deliver message to the rest of his followers. He had four (confidential) representatives, and from the fourth one, he told him that there would be no more (confidential) representative after him, and from then he (Imam) would enter major occultation. And that is the occultation we are experiencing now.
But, up to now, it's Sahibul Asr Waz Zaman (pbuh) that is running our affairs. I often repeat this, saying Shi'a are not awaiting the advent of Mahdi so that they will follow him, they are currently following him. You know there are some people that are awaiting the advent of Mahdi, and they would follow him after his advent. But we are currently following him, and he's with us. He's the one that is controlling our affairs.
There was a great scholar among our scholars, Sheikhul Mufid. They said he had once issued a fatwa (religious verdict), and he later found out that he made a wrong fatwa. The fatwa was regarding a woman that dies while pregnant. Can they operate her and bring out the child? (They do that but it has to be urgent because if it's delayed, the child will also die). So Sheikh Mufid in his fatwa said they can do that, but the operation has to be on so-so side (of the dead mother's belly). So he later found out that he made a mistake regarding where he said should be operated. So the thing bothered him to the extent that he couldn't go out to give lessons. He said what could have happen if they had act upon my wrong fatwa? He was really bothered, so he don't even go to school.
So one day, he heard knock on his door, the person knocking said come and teach people fiqh (Islamic rules) because people are in need of you. Your responsibility it to teach, but correcting mistakes is our responsibility. So you see meaning who corrected the mistake he made? The fatwa he issued was not yet acted upon when they corrected it for him, it was Sahibul Asr that corrected it for him. He said your responsibility it to teach, but correcting mistakes is our responsibility. Go and teach people, they need you.
If they make mistake, he (Sahibul Asr) corrects it. It's his age, he supervises all our affairs. He looks through our affairs one after the other.

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