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And then in the year 255 A.H, Allah willed that in the morning of this night (Nisfu Sha'aban), just before dawn, Sahibul Asr Waz Zaman (pbuh) was given birth to. So it increased the glory of the night and day of Nisfu Sha'aban. It's already a glorious night, it is known as the day in which they write all what will happen in the year and then it coincided with the birthday of of Sahibul Asr Waz Zaman (pbuh).

So, the birth of Sahibul Asr Waz Zaman is a glad tiding to this world that the leader of this generation and the reliable hope of this generation, the one that Allah willed for him to live among his followers for very long centuries, was born on this night. The Prophet (pbuh) talked about these Imams (divinely appointed leaders) even before his birth. An Imam after an Imam with all their names and he mentioned that this Imam (Mahdi) will go into two occultations; a short and a long one.


And the narrations that talked about this (Imam Mahdi's) birth has reached 'haddu tawatur' (the level of consensus), both enemies and well wishers knew about it, the Umayyad and Abbasid kings all knew about it. They all knew these A'imma (leaders), they knew well about them. And they did everything they could to prevent this thing (the mission of the Imams) from happening.

For instance, there was a king of Muslims that was called Ma'amun (he was an Abbasid), he found out that Imam Jawad (pbuh) was the Imam of that time, so he married his daughter to him. They held a big ceremony to the extent that the other relatives of Ma'amun (the Abbasids) got angry that why would he marry his daughter off to an Alawy, Hussainy (a descendant of Ali and Hussain)?

So all he was hoping was that since this (Imam Jawad) is the Imam, so his son will definitely be an Imam. Since he was the nineth Imam, his son will be the tenth Imam, his grandchild will be the eleventh, and his great grandchild will be the twelfth Imam. So if he got lucky this daughter of his will be the mother of the next Imam, so you see it will add to his prestige that the Imam have his blood. So you see this means that they knew about the Imams.

But the wife (daughter of Ma'amun) initially didn't like the marriage, but he (Ma'amun) told her the wisdom behind it and convince her. And as time went on, she didn't give birth, she waited but still, so she later found out that Imam Jawad already had a wife before marrying her and she gave birth to a son. So she realised that she's doomed. She later became the cause of his (Imam Jawad's) death. She lost the happiness of this world and the next world. So Ma'amun's plan became ruined.

Also, Ma'amun had another dream, after that first plan got ruined, he also tried to come up with a false Mahdi. He had palace scholars that make up Hadiths for him. You know there are some people called 'wadda'un' (those that create Hadiths). A king of Muslims would just get amused and and say isn't there any Hadith that the Prophet say this and that? Then they would say your highness we will check.

So they will go and brainstorm in the night and come up with an attribution (chain of transmission of Hadiths). These are the types of Hadiths that we dispute with people on, they are in their authentic books of Hadiths (Sihah). Yet they were created in the palaces of the kings of Muslims. Would someone that cook up lies tell you that he's lying? (He wouldn't). We would attribute it to some honourable individuals. From this person, from that person, those that are trustworthy. That is why you would see a nice attribution (depending on people's perceptions), because one would see that the Hadith is transmitted from those people that are honourable in his perspective. But if he (that creator of Hadith) say he dreamt of the Hadith, would anyone believe him? So he would go and attribute the Hadith to trustworthy (and honorable) individuals. That is what had happened.

So at that time Ma'amun intended to come up with a false Mahdi. That was why he (asked creators of Hadiths) to create that Hadith that says Mahdi's name is the same with the Prophet's name, (that one is correct), his father's name is the same with the Prophet's father's name, and his mother's name is the same with the Prophet's mother's name. He was the one that ordered the creation of that Hadith. The Hadith is there in the books of 'Ama'.

Why did he do that? Because Ma'amun's real name is Abdullah, because is after they became a kings that they give themselves those titles. You would here Mu'utasim, Mutawakkil, etcetera. Is after they assume authority that they change names. And his (Ma'amun's) father's name is Harun, the one they call Rashid.

And he (Ma'amun) had a wife called Amina, so she gave birth to a son and they named him Mahdi. So that is why they created Hadith saying his (Mahdi's) father will be Abdullah and his mother will be Amina, the same with the Prophet's parents. So he got a son and named him Mahdi, he want people to later say oh this is the Mahdi.

That is why if we say 'Hujjatu bin Hassan' (Hujjah - referring to the Mahdi - son of Hassan), they say ah! Isn't Mahdi's father Abdullah? And if you say his mother's name is Narjees, they say her name will be the same with that of the Prophet's mother. But that is a created Hadith. Is Ma'amun that ordered its creation.

So you know among his (Ma'amun's) children there was Mahdi right? That Mahdi really committed atrocities. He assumed authority and he committed atrocities, he committed atrocities towards the family of the Prophet (Ahlulbayt). But he used to answer the name Mahdi. But now everyone is convinced that he was not the (real) Mahdi.


So they knew that the real Mahdi will be Hujjah bin Hassan, that was why they did everything they could to prevent his birth. The king of that time didn't sleep that night, even before the night (because he was worried). He sent spies to the house of Imam Hassan Askari (Imam Mahdi's father) to be monitoring what was going on, just the way Fir'aun (Pharoah) sent spies to the houses of Banu Isra'il (children of Israel) to monitor and make sure that Prophet Musa (pbuh) was not given birth to (meaning even if they gave birth to him, he should be killed instantly).

He sent secret security agents, (in other words SSS) both men and women. I'm giving example with SSS because that is how we call secret security agents in Nigeria, meaning he sent his secret agents and they disguise, some women were living in the house (of Imam Hassan Askari), and some men disguised to be house helps, but they were sending reports to the king. The king used to ask from time to time, have you notice any pregnant woman in the house? They would say we haven't noticed one. Even a house maid? They would say we haven't seen a pregnant maid. So he would say if you notice any pregnant woman inform us immediately.

So they kept monitoring but nobody saw a sign of pregnancy in the house. But the king wasn't convinced, he said there must be a pregnant woman in the house because neither the Prophet lies nor the A'imma, and they said that this Hassan is the 11th Imam, and his son will definitely be the 12th Imam, and they mentioned the time he will be given birth to, and is this night. He said they mentioned that this will be the night of his birth. Not every Nisfu Sha'aban, that particular one of which he was given birth to. So it was very clear, they knew very well.

So he positioned his security men everywhere. The secret agents reported that there was no pregnant woman in the house, but Sayyida Narjees was pregnant, but there was no sign of pregnancy in her, there was no way one would see her and think that he was pregnant.

So in the night, Imam Hassan Askari (pbuh) sent for his sister Hakima to come and help deliver the baby (to act as a midwife). There were security guards on every route on that night. If they managed to pass one route, they would see security guards on another route, so they followed one route that they think there would be no security guard, then they suddenly saw a security guard in front of them, there was no way out. They got afraid that he would see them i.e Sayyida Hakima and the person that escorted her.

So they observed that the security guard was just standing there, but he was not looking at them, so they just passed him. After they passed, they saw him looking round to see if someone is coming, because they (the guards) know that if someone is going to give birth at that night, is Hakima that would be the midwife, so (he was like) I'll see where she will pass through. And yet she passed through his front.

So she went to the house (Imam Hassan Askari's house) and asked what was going on? Imam Hassan Askari said someone was going to deliver a baby. She asked who was giving birth? He said Sayyida Narjees. She said I didn't see any sign of pregnancy in her. So he said she was really going to deliver a baby that night.

So he sat down in a room and was controlling the delivery, like a remote control, he was reading "Surely We revealed it on the grand night." (Suratul Qadr, verse 1). Meanwhile Sayyida Hakima was waiting for Sayyida Narjees to start labour in another room. After some while, she started labour. So that light that Allah destined to be the final Imam was given birth to.

So this was something that someone could not prevent. Despite the fact that there were secret agents in the house, nobody knew about the delivery. But the king was sure that someone would deliver a baby in that house. So he told his guards that there was really a delivery that took place in the house (of Imam Hassan Askari). But the secret agents didn't notice any delivery.

Because Sahibul Asr Waz Zaman (pbuh) had a growth of one month in a day, so after seven days, people saw a small boy (not newborn) roaming around the house, he had grown up. So (they thought), how can a newborn baby look like a seven months old baby? So you see no one would think that he was the baby that was given birth to seven days ago right? As time goes on he started walking, and he grew up in no time.

So, the story of the birth of Sahibul Asr Waz Zaman might sound weird to those that don't have certainty and don't believe in the school of Ahlulbayt (pbut), one would think that they're just telling lies. And one would never understand, that is why we just leave some things to ourselves, if you know you, you know; and if you don't know that's all. If we tell someone that they ascended to the seventh sky with him, one would open his mouth haaa! Seventh sky? If we say it was and Angel that ascended with him, one would say haaaa! See these Shi'a. So if you don't have a portion of faith (in the Ahlulbayt school) you wouldn't understand.

Amirul mu'uminin (pbuh) was saying that their (Ahlulbayt) matter (way) is a hard matter, save to those that Allah grant a portion of faith. Is not everybody that understands their matter. But those people (rulers of that time) understood their matter. So when they get to know that there was a baby in Imam Hassan Askari's house, they started regretting that no one knew when he was born and now he has grown-up already.

And from the look of things, you know all the Ai'mma spoke when they were in their mothers' womb, and all of them spoke from the cradle. Forget those that say is only few people that spoke from the cradle, all the Prophets (pbut) spoke from the cradle. It wasn't only Prophet Isa (pbuh) that spoke from the cradle. Also, all the infallibles spoke from the cradle.

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