Saturday, April 1, 2023
Peace Broker Book Luanched in Kaduna

A book titled“ Peace broker” was launched on Sunday the 21st of October 2012 in Kaduna. The book was written by brother AbdulMuminGiwa  and is a compilation of his write-ups

 on different topics and issues.  Giwa is a writer with Pointer Express published by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

A paper on ‘Media and Islamophobia in today’s world’ was presented by HajiyaBilkisu Yusuf mni on behalf of Muhammad Haruna of Citizens Communications. In her presentation many issues which touched include terrorism, global media and cultural domination of the West. She called on Muslims to invest in media in order to provide voice for the voiceless and counter the Western propaganda. She added that Muslims must strive for justice and equity.

On nuclear issue, HajiyaBilkisu expressed utmost surprise as to how Israeli nuclear arsenal is left without assessment while the hypocritical Americaand her allies are focusing attention on Muslim countries who possess nuclear capabilities for peaceful purposes. She further expressed that Alqaeda and many other so called terrorist organisationsare the creation of US and funded by the Saudi oil.

Dr Abdullahi Danladi who was the chairman of the occasion also stood in for Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky the Leader of the Islamic Movement who was supposed to give a remark at the occasion but was unavoidably absent. Dr. Abdullahi lamented that peace has already eluded Nigeria as a result of artificial insecurity created by the enemies of peace. Boko Haram as “joker” was created for the agenda of suppressing Islamic awakening led by Sheikh Zakzaky in Nigeria. He further said that all efforts to link book Haram to the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has failed.

The ravaging of Maiduguri city in the North East of Nigeria was aimed at sabotaging Qur’anic memorization, Maiduguri being a centre of Qur’anic studies for centuries, in the same vain Kano being the commercial centre of the North was ransacked and paralised thus crippling the economic interest of the North.

The occasion was attended by a number of personalities.