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Tuesday, 08 February 2022 10:25

The following is a remark made by the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), on the general situation in Yemen; from his Abuja residence on 7th February 2022:

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, wa barakatahu..
“I will like to share with you some remarks on the issue of Yemen, I do not take particular topic to speak about, I will (thus) make remarks generally on this catastrophe. It is now seven years that Yemen has been under attack, in what they called ‘war’. The definition of war (in military context) is a fight between two military of two sovereign nations.
“But what is happening now is (an) aggression against Yemen- it is not a ‘war’ at all, it is a crime against humanity; they (Yemenis) have been subjected to series of airstrikes from far- strikes that descend upon ordinary people killing men, women and children in their houses, (and) in their places of work.
“There have been attacks on schools (thereby) killing teachers and students- even a school bus was attacked conveying children (to school); prison was attacked (thus) killing a number of inmates and workers; hospitals also were attacked killing patients, nurses, doctors and other workers.
“One might ask: is this war? (that is what they say), and what is the reason behind it (the aggression)? why fight Yemen? Those who carry out the air raids, a coalition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and United Arab Emirates (UAE) on behalf of their masters United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK) and France; say that (the reason) is to return the ousted President (of Yemen) Mr. Hadi to power. One might ask, is it the business of the coalition of KSA, UAE and other countries to decide for the Yemenis who should be their President? It is the business of the Yemenis to decide who should be their President! If they want Mr. Hadi back, it is up to them to say they want him back, if they don’t him it is their own business.
“After all, how can you think of raiding a nation to return an individual back to power, shall that individual go back and be the President of dead people? Or is he going to be the President of the grieving families- survivors of his war? For example, would you expect the children whose fathers were murdered to accept the murderer as their new President? Or would you expect the fathers whose children were murdered (in order to return Mr. Hadi) to accept him as their President? There is no sense in this ‘war’ at all, it is a senseless fight.
“One might say, what is the real reason? Certainly it is not to return somebody back to power, there has to be a reason. After all, the coalition is actually fighting a proxy war, all the weapons that are used (in the so called war) were made and supplied by western powers- their weapons and their so called advisers were on the ground to carry out all the atrocities against the Yemen people.
“One might ask, why is the west interested in destroying Yemen- putting it under siege? They have done so in other countries such as Libya, Iraq and Syria; and now in Yemen- (they want to) destroy everything possible. It appears there is grand design to create what they called ‘new world order’ (or what they called a greater Israel); and certainly they consider those (countries) in the coalition to already be part of that ‘greater Israel’ (that is why) they consider attack upon KSA and UAE (because after all they think that they are part of their nations already).
“Jordan was already part of them, they consider that if there is any problem these people will kill themselves, weaken themselves, and in the end of the day they (arrogant powers) will find it easy to absolve all of them.
“Why is the world silent about the catastrophe in Yemen? People have been deprived of pure drinking water, electricity, oil energy to (generate) power for everything including running the hospitals; there have been humanitarian crises in a nation which has been suffering (already) before the attack, and now (the attack) has made things worse. And with the coming of Covid-19 things become worse for the Yemenis, they have been put under siege; demand for food, medicine and everything has been denied to these people. And yet they are called as if they are the aggressors. The (actual) aggressors now blame them (the Yemenis) for a crime they have never committed.
“The humanitarian problem in Yemen is the worst of its kind in modern human history, and nobody simply care. But Alhamdulillah the Yemenis have resisted so far, and they have the right (to resist)! Whereas the Yemeni military that is fighting respond in the way they could to mostly military targets (of the coalition), the attacks (on the Yemenis) were against the civilian people. They have resisted so far, and have been adamant.
“We hope and pray that victory will be on Yemenis side Inshaa Allah. May Allah protect the Yemeni people, May Allah destroy the arrogant powers and their puppies who fight on their behalf.
“May peace and blessings of Allah be upon the prophet and his pure household”.
Written by: The Institute for the Compilation and Publication of Sheikh Zakzaky’s Works (ICPSZW).

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