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"Undoubtedly, we aim at establishing a Just System" Sheikh Zakzaky reaffirms stance during a visit by members of AFIM PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 16 January 2022 17:54

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
Despite catalogue of attacks, hatred and tortures, leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has reaffirmed stance of the Movement. "Undoubtedly, we aim at establishing a just system in this nation. A system that provides justice, fairness and equal rights for all irrespective of religion", said the leader.

Sheikh Zakzaky pronounced this during a visit made by members of Academic Forum of the Movement(AFIM) at his residence in Abuja, the capital of the nation, last Saturday 8th of January, 2022.
"Our efforts must be geared towards establishing a just system (Islam). On the proceedings, some people (perhaps from within) have tried their best to turn the aim and focus of the Movement. They misinformed the public that we aim at influencing people to leave their religious understanding for Shi'a sect. Yes, we aim at establishing a just system (Islam) not the misinformation that had been circulating", declared the Sheikh.
The leader continued clarifying that, religion (Islam) is one. Even though we belong to different doctrines, but religion is one since the scripture (holy Qur'an) is one. You can not ever find differences in holy Qur'an where Shi'ites and Salafists differed in the scripture, they rather differ in commentary.
Sheikh Zakzaky expressed that; the differences often found in translations and commentary of the divine book could be clarified through dialogue if it can be called for which will give a rich understanding among one another. He noted out that, the differences in its commentary (holy Qur'an) could not be avoided even among Shiite’s scholars. The leader therefore stressed that Islamic Movement in Nigeria aims at establishing a just system. "This system is for all, and it provides justice and equal rights for all irrespective of religion", he said.
The leader lamented over how clerics in Nigeria are creating disunity and mistrust through their preaching among Muslims. He narrated a recent interview he watched with a prominent Salafi Cleric in Al-Arabiyyah TV station. He said, "In a recent interview l watched with a prominent Salafi Scholar where he gathered multitude of books upon a table, admitting that the Salafists do not disbelieve other groups of Muslims. Speaking alone, l said, well, this is contrary to Nigerian Salafi Scholars. If yours, every body is a Muslim, l would have said you are not a fanatic. Your Salafism is not fanatical. How we wish this is how every Salafist here (Nigeria) is? Islam and its just system would have prevailed".
When speaking on the impossibility restoring this just system (Islam) in Nigeria as viewed many others, Sheikh Zakzaky threw a question. "If the range of view of people is that this just system can not be restored, then should we fold our arms and abandon any attempt towards its actualization?!" He further said, "there was saying that, if something that is hoped could not be totally achieved; then one shall not to totally abandon it. Let's assume this system ccould not be actualized, and we are optimistic that it could never be actualized; then, no number of attempts or pressure can lead to its realization. But we strongly hoped that it would eventually be realized", he explained.
Buttressing his stance of calling towards the path of the truth and salvation; towards a just system even on assumption and impossibility as viewed by others, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky cited the history of Messenger of God (Allah) Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) where God (the most omnipotent) sent him to convey His message to Pharoh. God (the Most High) is fully cognizant that Pharoah would not accept the message of God, yet prophet was sent to him by Allah. This is because Pharoah has the right to be preached and called to the path of the truth.
It is justification to the side of Prophet Moses conveying the message of Allah as instructed by Him. This implies that one shall not to abandon a cause base on assumption or probability of lack of its actualization. God would not have sent His Messenger to the King Pharoah and his people.
Similarly, the leader turned pages of history of the seal of the Messengers of Allah Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh & hf) where a few from his people believed in him and accepted the message of God. "In Mecca, the Prophet and his companions were tortured for the cause of Islam, and this would not have dejected their spirits and hope. They withstood hatred, tortures, and eventually remained at the upper hand. They did not loose hope and abandon the cause", the Sheikh emphasized.
The leader notified that if hinderance along a path towards a determined or specific mission affects someone, there wasn't a need since the advent of this call at late 70's to be initiated. We would have folded our arms and succumbed in the plunge of injustice we found ourselves.
The leader has finally expressed optimism, "We are optimistic that this call we had initiated will eventually reach its actualization. We hope the realization of our dream in the near future. Had it been it initiated since during the era of our fathers or during that of our grand fathers; it is therefore high time to have been established. This just system we are aiming at will surely be established and restored, it is a matter of time. It might be during our time; our sons' or that of grand sons' ; but it will succeed. It is a Godly affairs and God always fulfills His affairs. So, it is not ours, we are waiting for the right time", the leader explained.
Translated from the report of Saifullahi M. Kabir

 visit of academic from members to sheikh zakzaky in abj on 8 jan 2022