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Friday, 14 January 2022 09:59

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky had on Tuesday 11th of January, 2022 met with members of youths forum of the Movement in his residence located in Abuja. The leader had delivered a long speech pointing out vital issues that have impact on the youths.

He began by reminding the youths of the phases of life of man on earth. "Doubtlessly, if you see an old man who is highly committed to religious worship and practice, he grew up like that since his youth stage, while if you see an old man been addicted to sinful acts, it had started since his youth stage" he said.
Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky therefore called on the representatives of the youths who made the visit to specify ages at which youths of the Movement are required to play their role towards moving the Movement further. The leader consecutively enumerated the phases of life of man on earth, notifying that youth's phase of life starts from 13 to 29 year-old. From 30 to 40 years old, youth has started leaving transitional periods of adolescence, approaching to a fully matured phase of life. He clarified that from 40 to 60 years old is the apex phase of life while declining ages are from 60 years and above. The Sheikh stressed that specification of ages of the youths would let give way for growing teenagers to take over assigned tacks in the Movement.
Speaking on the immeasurable contributions of youths towards reviving religion, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky said, "youths' contributions in a move against injustice is always outstanding. Whenever a call toward reforming Islam is made, the majority who do embrace the call are youths".
"Majority of companions who believed in Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him and his housefold) and embraced his call at the advent of Islam were youths. Similarly, in most of the battles been fought by the holy Prophet during his era, youths among the companions carried the majority. In the same vein, talking about martyrdom for the cause of Islam and Prophet Muhammed, most of who succeeded with martyrdom are youths". explained by the Sheikh.
Underlining on the importance and role being played by youths, his eminence talked about the Islamic Movement in late 70's, saying that we started this move against injustice and calling on a just system(Islam) since our youth's stage. Even though there are some brothers who are over 20 years old as at then; some people then viewed it as lack of job that stimulated the feeling of calling to Islam in us.

The leader has enumerated some changes related to life struggle as a result of way and manner in which man faces with the changes, made some to deviate from the path and turn against the Islamic struggle. He said, "Standing firm on the path since youthful ages, to the ages of being a father with burden of responsibilities and continued along with all one's family is quite an indication that someone would reach the realization of the mission of the Movement".
His eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has acknowledged an indication, saying that if you see youths are worried and committed to Islamic struggle, it shows that Islam will revive. But if you see that only old men are worried and being committed to religion and its struggle, it shows that religion is varnishing. He added that this stands to a reason why enemies and tyrannical leaders are always planning to kill youths. According to him, "they said they could only accomplish their task of suppressing the Movement if they clamp down on its youths. They listed youths from different fold of the Movement such as Abul Fadl Abbas forum who in their target to be exterminated in the proceedings of their attack on the Movement", added the Sheikh.
While turning his tune to the senseless and indiscriminate killings committed by the Nigerian authority particularly in Zaria (the hometown and previous residence of the Sheikh) in late 2015, the leader said, "They killed innumerable young children. They killed sporadically to their satisfaction particularly youths and young children. But to their greatest surprise, they are worried having seen youths from everywhere coming out defiantly condemning their devilish acts. Particularly in Abuja, they had witnessed innumerable young ones who come out condemning their senseless killings.
Underlining on the long-time plan to wipe out the Movement by the tyrannical Nigerian authority, the leader threw out some lamentable questions to the tyrants. "You launched an all-and-out attack on us as an experiment, to eventually draw out inference on how you will finally wipe the Movement. Have you achieved anything? Have you been able to wipe the Movement? What was your counting gain from the innocent blood you spilled for no reason?".
Sheikh Zakzaky notified that, they killed numerous youths of the Movement and many have risen with same ideology of the fallen ones. The youths they killed have indeed inspired others.
Leader of the Islamic Movement has also apprised how blood of the young martyrs of the Movement brought about a noticeable and well-coming achievement among youths of the Movement. His eminence particularly cited Bauchi chapter where he remarked on how Jaish Sayyid Ahmad and Jaish Sayyid Hamid (all promising youths and sons of the leader who were killed) were risen and in across all chapters of the Movement.
He said, "Earlier, Khasshaful Imamil Mahdi (Al-(Mahdi Scout) and Intizarul Mahdi all established by Sayyid Hammad (Sheikh Zakzaky's son, also killed) were in existence but both the groups comprises teenagers of the Movement". He also added that, "all these groups are still in existence and very active despite the horrendous clamp down on Movement".
The leader has eventually gingered all members of youths forum of the Movement to redress the forum and have a particular focus. He stresses the need for the forum to abstain from being beaten around the bush upon execution of the tasks they were assigned.
He emphasized the need for the forum to have a foredetermined plan where each or all the youths are emphatically aiming at.
The leader noticed out the importance of engaging the youths in the Movement. He cited examples such intensification of confers, organizing visits to hospital inmates, organizing voluntary services to the public as humanitarian aid among others. He said all these should be felt and duly performed by a youth as a way of struggling towards revivification of religion (Islam) which set or provide a just system. This stance by a faithful youth of the Movement is what indeed tyrants and enemies of peace are seeing as a menace to their offices.
His eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has eventually stressed that for all these efforts, the aim is to restore this just system (Islam). Each and every youth among us should have the feeling and understanding that all the efforts he or she puts is for the cause of the Islam which will eventually provide a just system. He said, "Either we eventually succeed in restoring what we are aiming at, or breath last while on our foot, it is all a great success to us here and in the hereafter.

Sheikh Zakzaky ends his speech by calling on all youths of the Movement to be having peaceful and cordial relations with other members of the general public even those involve in smoking and other social vices; those hoodlums who innocently do attack their mates with cutlasses and matches in our local areas. They should be drawn closer and systematically be shown a better way of life which is Islam.

Translated from the report of Saifullahi M. Kabir

 visit by youtsh to sheikh zakzaky in abj on tues 11 jan 2022

 visit by youtsh to sheikh zakzaky in abj on tues 11 jan 2022

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