Saturday, December 10, 2022
Written by freezak   
Monday, 20 December 2021 06:30

“I know that we use the words “Islamic Movement” but to our understanding, Islamic movement is not a name, it is an idea like Islamic awareness, Islamic ideology, Islamic education, Islamic philosophy; it is a sort of concept we never use as a name! And there is nothing like “members of the Islamic movement” they don’t exist, there are only activists (not members). 

We don’t have a membership card, one doesn’t register to become a part of it- once you are active (in bringing about change), that is all! And it is open to all people, not only Muslims (it is open to even non Muslims).
“So, (the Islamic movement) is a sort of an idea which everyone can belong to- the idea of movement towards a change. The reason we call it “Islamic” is because we agree to give our lives to do it (the movement for change) because it is the teaching of Islam. According to the teaching of Islam, you are supposed to do everything for the sake of your creator- the Almighty. So, whoever identifies himself with the idea is part of the movement, not a member (of the movement)- because it is not an organization.
“Get this very well, Islamic movement is a concept, it is an idea- an ideology; and whoever is making a move to see that Islam restores its glory is part of the Islamic movement whether he calls himself Islamic movement or not. And Islamic movement has no members, it has only active people- so activists (not members)”.
- Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H)
(Press conference with men of press in remembrance of Zaria massacre, in his residence Abuja- 15th December, 2021).