Thursday, December 8, 2022
We Draw Inspiration from Imam Husain (AS) and A'immah (AS)- S. Zakzaky PDF Print E-mail
Written by freezak   
Wednesday, 06 October 2021 06:50

"Maybe you have heard about Nelson Mandela who was in jail for 27 years, it was said that one time (he wrote it himself) he wanted to sign their conditions: they gave him conditions, anytime he signs (those conditions) he will be released; but he remembers the sacrifice of Imam Hussein (as), so he prefers to stay (in prison without signing the conditions), till when it came to an end (he become victorious) after 27 years in jail! Now, that is Nelson Mandela- who took the way of Imam (as); how much of us who are following the Imam (as)?!

"We are following the path of Imam Hussein (as), if Imam (as) has influence on someone (and we can not say he is a follower of Imam), how much more of us (the followers of the Imam)?! We persevere to ultimate end! After all they want us killed, isn’t it? One day even if they didn’t kill us, we will die, and they (themselves) they are also going to die. So, that is it, and the struggle will definitely continue whether we are alive or not - the struggle will definitely continue! So, it is the path of Ahlul bait (as)- we draw inspiration from that.
"And whatever atrocity is meted on us, it become so little before our eyes (when compared to theirs) if you remember the sacrifice of the families of the prophet (S). And we always console ourselves by remembering what happened to the families of Ahlul bait (as)- from Sayyida Zahra (as), Amiral Mu’mineen, Hasanain, and all a’imma (as), one by one how they were all persecuted, our own will be simply little when compared to theirs.
"You can consider when I was giving you example with Mandela- who has spent 27 years in prison. I (have spent) only nine years in prison before, now they have added almost six, and all in all I am about 15 years in prison; so if Mandela can endure that because he draws inspiration from Imam Hussein (as), what about myself who claims to be the follower of Imam Hussein (as)?!"
— Shaikh Zakzaky's Interview with PressTV on 29th September, 2021.