Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Monday, 29 March 2021 08:00

It was on a day like this, 15th of Sha’aban the Imam of the age, the 12th Imam and the seal of the successors of Prophet Muhammad, Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi (AS) was born. He is the Imam that Allah promised to reappear at the end of time to fill the world with justice after it had been ruined by injustice.

It is also on this similar day that Allah in His infinite mercy cause the birth of our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky. Hence, we come out today in a twofold celebration –birth day of Imam Mahdi and the 70th anniversary of our leader Sheikh Zakzaky (H).

However as we troop out to celebrate, it is incumbent upon us to dwell much on reminding fellow citizens and the international community of the atrocities committed by Buhari regime on our leader Sheikh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement unjustly and illegally. For the past five years we have been explaining to the public the genesis of Zaria genocide and how it unfolded before our eyes in various ways. We have also been exposing the shameless disregard of a federal high court ruling freeing our leader by the federal government and its resort to another trial by Kaduna state government of our leader, all in the name of keeping him in perpetual detention.

Nonetheless today we will like the general public and the international community to know the fraud and fallacy of the argument put forward by Buhari regime in collaboration with Governor Elrufai, claiming that Sheikh Zakzaky is a threat to national security, in their words he is establishing “a government within a government.”

Let the truth be told, if at all security threat is being discussed, is there any national security threat greater than those advocating publically the dismemberment of the country coming from the southwest and southeast regions of the country recently? What is the reaction of the federal government to these existential threats, apart from cajoling them and turning a blind eye to their agitations? And of course what follows is the daily maiming and killings of those not from the aforementioned regions of the country.

Before then is the menace of banditry bedeviling northwest and north central regions of the country, with daily reportage of kidnappings, wanton 'destruction of towns and villages, cattle rustling and large scale kidnappings of students in various schools. Any response from Buhari regime apart from dishing out of press releases full of promises to put a stop to these acts of terror and consoling the victims of the perpetrators of such madness?

In view of the real security threats threatening the corporate existence of this nation, why is Buhari regime adopting a nonchalant attitude toward this, while using its maximum force to exterminate the Islamic Movement under the leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky?

There is only one answer to this quagmire of a sort if we take into account the history of the struggle between truth and falsehood. Today nobody can doubt the fact that Sheikh Zakzaky is on the side of truth and justice, while the government is siding falsehood and tyranny. Hence the victory of truth over its antagonists will surely manifest itself as it has always done in history .

We believe Buhari regime is aware that Sheikh Zakzaky is the real savior of this country because of his antecedents in interfaith dialogue, unity among Muslims and peaceful coexistence among the various communities making up the country and his insistence of an equitable and just system of governance for the country, while the government from its policies it is against these lofty ideas; hence its determination and that of its foreign sponsors to extinguish this voice of justice by all means.

However Allah in his infinite mercy will not grant them victory, sooner than later Sheikh Zakzaky will be free and victory will be his and the Islamic Movement. We therefore reiterate our call to the Buhari regime to release our leader Sheikh Zakzaky his wife Malama Zeenah Ibrahim and hundreds of others still in detention since December 2015 unconditionally. It is abundantly clear that Sheikh Zakzaky is the most oppressed righteous leader in the country since its creation by the colonialists, who will clock 70 years in detention illegally and unjustly, even though Allah has proclaimed in the holy Quran He doesn’t love the unjust ones.

Peace be upon those who follow the guidance of Allah.



15TH SHA’ABAN, 1442 (29/03/2021)

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