Saturday, April 1, 2023
Protest against US made Anti-Islam Movie: How Kano People answered the Call

The major streets of central Kano city in Northern Nigeria on Saturday 6th Dhul Qadah 1433 (22/9/2012) was filled with protesters that heeded the call of the leader of Islamic Movement

 in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), protesting against the blasphemy on Prophet (SAWA) and Islam. The protest march from Waje (Fagge) Friday masjid passed through Murtala Muhammad way, Ibrahim Taiwo road, Kantin Kwari market, Kofar Mata and ended at the old city central mosque.

This followed an anti-Islam film produced and directed in USA, and a subsequentinfamous cartoon by a French magazine.

Protesters from all strata of the society carried placards and flags expressing their grievances and stand, while on-lookers expressed  full moral support for the stand taken by the Islamic movement in Nigeria.

A protester, Aisha, told our reporter why she couldn’t just stay at home fold her arms and tolerate Noble Prophet being ridiculed. She wondered why some Islamic clerics called on people to keep silent in the face of this great sin. She commended the Islamic Movement for this great solidarity and urged all Muslims to rally around Noble Prophet (SAWA. 

 In his address to multitude of protesters, Sheikh Muhammad M Turi traced the history of blasphemy on Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and Islam to salman rushdie in 1988 up to this time. He pointed out that, yearly the enemies of Islam have concoct a project the latest of which was the released the Anti-Islam movie in order to advance their cause. However the fatwa of Imam Ruhullah Khomeini (QS) have shown to the enemies of Islam that Islam is not dead, and Muslims are ever ready to defend its sanctities.

Sheikh Turi called for banning of the blasphemous film, and a law be enacted against blasphemy of faiths. He questioned the rationale of enacting of law against ‘anti-semitism’, while blasphemy on the Prophet of Islam is termed ‘freedom of expression. “As long as the greater shaitan, USA and Israel, will not stop mockery of our Noble prophet (SAWA) and Islam, we would not fold our arms and watch such ridicule and mockery go unhindered.


Earlier on Friday 5th Dhul Qadah 1433 (21/9/2012) a rally against the anti- Islam movie and blasphemous cartoon was held at Fagge Friday mosque with hundreds of thousands in attendance.


The flags of America, Israel and an effigy of president Obama were torched with protesters chanting, LABBAIKA YA RASULILLAH!!!


Muhammad Isa Ahmad