Thursday, May 19, 2022
Written by freezak   
Monday, 04 January 2021 12:05

As the days pass by since December 2015, it is increasingly becoming clear to all and sundry that Buhari’s regime has shot itself in the foot by its brutal clampdown on Sheikh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement. Indeed since then, whatever the government set forth to do goes awry. Many of its policies came to naught. In the economic front the government becomes clueless and inept, such that even the middle class has been forced to the poverty level due to the economic crunch in the country. The security situation in the country is fast deteriorating by the day such that bandits, kidnappers are having a field day. They spare nobody in their nefarious activities across most parts of the North and the nation in general with the government behaving as if it can’t stop them.

Hence on the eve of the new year 2021, six years after Zaria genocide, where Buhari regime wiped out 1000+ innocent civilians, destroyed places of worship where the name of Allah is glorified day in day out, desecrated the holy Quran and other Islamic books, contemptuously buried Muslims in many mass graves without the prerequisite funeral rites, it is time for the nation to reflect on what went wrong since the inception of this regime. It is necessary for the nation to seek the forgiveness of Allah for the persecution of Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers the government has made one of its primary objectives which it hasn’t publically advocated before assuming office in 2015.
Right after the barbaric attacked by the Army in December, 2015, on defenseless citizens, there should have been an uproar by Nigerians against the seemingly unlawful and unconstitutional attack. However majority kept mute on the issue with some even rejoicing on the avoidable calamity caused by Buhari regime. Why should people assume that Allah will not allow calamities to befall this nation on this brazen act of oppression by the government? This is a nation that doesn’t value the lives of its citizens. Very few people voice their concerned about the genocide that took place in Zaria, with the majority in deep silence over the condemnable acts of Buhari, Buratai and Elrufai. How can the affairs of this country go smoothly without any devine punishment over the killings in Zaria? We should remember what Allah the Almighty said in the holy Quran that every nation should fear the mischief that will bring punishment not only to the evil doers. And this is exactly what is happening to this country that has been declared to be on the verge of a failed state.
The spokesmen of the leading trio of this regime have done all that they could to defend the indefensible about Zaria massacre, but the truth refused to go away, that Sheikh Zakzaky has been and is still being persecuted by the Buhari tegime. He is still being detained contemptuously of a court order freeing him from detention. We therefore call on citizens of this country to realize that in as much we didn’t rise up with one voice to condemn the federal government over Zaria massacre and its aftermath and demand for the prosecution of those behind it and its executors, so will this country remain perpetually accursed by Allah.
That is why we trooped out today in multitude, and we will continue to do so, reminding the populace, the good citizens of this country that our silence over this injustice against Shaikh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement is not golden, it will invite more divine punishment on the nation. We should come out enmasse to demonstrate our displeasure over the continued incarceration of Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and others still in detention over Zaria massacre. We should remember injustice to one is injustice to all. And by so doing Allah will bless this nation and stop oppressors from keeping the nation in bondage, and curb the excesses of the criminals whom the government has demonstrated its inability to stop them in their trenches.
We therefore reiterate our demand that Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and other in detention must be released unconditionally and immediately. Hiding behind the current court case instituted by Kaduna state government is a sham trial based on bogus charges with the intent of denying justice to our leader. We believe the only solution to the myriad problem bedeviling Nigeria since 2015 is the release of Sheikh Zakzaky.
17/JIMADA ULA, 1442 (01/JANUARY, 2021