Saturday, April 1, 2023
The People in Katsina Protest against the Anti Islam film and Cartoon

The voices of protesters cutting across different groups and section of the population against the blasphemous american film and carton ridiculing the Noble Prophet

 Muhammad Rasulullah (SAWA) filled the air of Katsina city in Northern Nigeria on Sunday 7th Dhul qada 1433 (23/9/2012) just like other Muslim and those the uphold the dignity of humanity across the globe.

 The protesters heeded the call of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) the leader of Islamic movement in Nigeria protesting the recent blasphemous film and carton of greater satan in cities across Nigeria. Members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria organize the protest march starting at 9am local time with participants carrying placards, posters depicting their protest and what they cherish and uphold. Likewise they chanted slogans denouncing all enemies of the Holy Prophet (SAWA), Islam, peace and progress, great Satan USA and Israel. The flags of USA and Israel were dragged along the major streets of central Katsina city as the protesters march. On lookers filled the pathway of the protest march expressing their support to the protestors. Protest letter signed by Mal Abdul Hameed Bello on behalf of the movement was distributed to on lookers that voiced out their support to the stand taken by the Islamic movement in Nigeria.

 Mal Yakub Yahya the representative of Sheikh Zakzaky (H) in Katsina who was also amongst the protesters in the protest march at the end of the procession was interviewed by radio and tv press crew asking the purpose of the day’s protest march?

 Mal Yakub Yahya expressed the intent was to voice the anger and protest of the world’s Muslim against blasphemous american film and french magazine carton against our Holy Prophet (SAWA) and defaming of Islam and Muslim under the pretext of freedom of expression. He also pointed out while the great satan USA and its allies are quick to protect jews and american intrest with laws and force, they are quick to give protection and cover to who so ever wish to blaspheme our Noble Prophet (SAWA) and Islam. It is well known speaking and making inquiries on whether there is anything like jewish holocaust is considered as anti-semitism prohibited, banned and amount to prosecution, likewise speaking against the reality of 9/11 is meted with the same act. However blaspheming the Noble Prophet is guaranteed full right and giving high level protection.

He also express that it’s a well-known fact that the teachings of the Noble Prophet (SAWA) have prevented us from blaspheming all Prophets and religion as well as killing and wonting destruction of life and properties. Our enemies are never Jews, Christians, John, Obi, Bhudish etc, but are enemies will always be those that mock, ridicule and blaspheme our Noble Prophet (SAWA) and Islam. He also explained the systematic plot of the enemies of Islam to translate and portray Muslim as terrorist, Islam as terrorism and above all portray the Noble Prophet (SAWA) in the most disrespectful and degregatory manner(waiyazubillah).  

Mal Yakub reiterated the stand of all Muslims that gone are the days that we shall fold our arms and watch our Noble Prophet (SAWA) and Islam being ridiculed, blasphemed and mocked with protested chanting LABBAIKA YA RASULILLAH!!!

 Mal Yakub mentioned the apology of the Christian and Ibo community that had wanted to come in solidarity with Muslims but were unable to attend, however extended their well wishes.

 The flags of america, israel and the effigy of the leader of greater satan obama were burned to ashes, with protesters expressing their support.


Muhammad Isa Ahmad from Katsina.