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12th December 2015 Marked The Begining of Religious Persecution And Injustice In Nigeria PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 13 December 2020 10:35

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
As a preface, this is talking directly to the most oppressed religious Scholar in Nigeria, who is no other than Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub El-Zakzaky and his only wife Zeenat Ibraheem. The 12th December 2020, marks 5 years since the preplanned Zaria massacre of 2015 where the aftermath of the massacre left thousands of lives been lost and structures worth millions of Naira vandalized by the Buhari led-administration. 

These days 12-14 December 2015 were quite akin to Iranian black Friday. Black Friday is the name given to an incident occurring on 8 September 1978 in Iran, in which at least 300 people were shot dead and 205 injured by the Pahlavi military in Jaleh Square in Tehran. This dirty incident of 1978 became one of the pages of history in Iran.
Reflecting to our immediate enviroment, Zaria, Kaduna state in December 2015, worst had been done where over a thousand lives had been wiped out from existence within 48 hours. Subsquently, Tens of hundred have been subjected to physical challenge in addition to innumerable ones among the faithful and peaceful followers of the revered mentioned Sheikh whenever they come out peafully to demand for justice against the detained leader and his wife.
Tens of pregnant women, infnats, old men and women including other hundreds of youths had been exterminated from enjoying the rights to living during these days.
The survived 3 sons of the innocent leader from the then former President Good Ebele Jonathan when killed the first 3 sons in 2014, the Buhari administration extrajudicially killed the remaining 3. The Sheikh's last born had been shot on his fore-head right under the watchful eyes of the eyes. The soft tissue of his brain splitted around and even on some parts of the Sheik's body. His wife was shot first right under his eyes, he was shot too severally in the most sensitive parts of his body. Ammunition damaged one of his eyes and medical specialists had since warned of the risk of loosing the remaining survived eye. The Sheikh and his wife were whisked away from his residence by Army unconsciously after which the building was set ablaze and finally razed down to plane field.
The leader of the Movement, Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky along his wife Zeenat have beeen in detaintion since this inhumane incident despite series of calls from national and international community to free the innocent leader. Also, it is well known from all and sundry that a competent Court in Abuja, the capital of the nation, had since on 2nd December 2016 exonerated the couple from all allegation and therefore ordered their relase with 45 days from the very day the Court ruled out on the case, but however, authorities in Nigeria have refused to comply with this order.
In a nutshell, it is enough and high time for Nigerian authorities to have respected the rule of law and free these innocent couple.
In a final note, a dictum says thus, "Justice is the quality of being right and fair. When people's rights are observed and protected with fairness, conscience accept that as being just".
When one ponders on this 2015 Zaria massacre, one could clearly be seen that the system with which the nation is run has no respect for and no regard for Justice. There is no farness. Indeed, this has even resulted in practical calamities like insecurity of life generally, which is not exluding poverty and all other forms of hardships. It also include total moral degeneration, societal inbalance as well as psycho-social bastardization. All these exist due to lack of justice in the system.


 Some of the babies killed by soldiers in Zaria in Dec 2015