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Aftermath of protests: Nigeria still treading the path of tyranny and injustice PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 30 October 2020 14:17

By Abdulmumin Giwa
One El-masjid Abdul Umar, a popular Buharist on Facebook, that has for long been defending Buhari's atrocities, including the 2015 genocide in Zaria perpetrated by the regime posted the following in effort to insult the oppressed Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and condemn Femi Falana SAN for fighting against the devilish activities of Buhari and team in Nigeria.

"The same Femi Falana who lied that El-Zakzaky was very sick until the lie was busted in India is now lying again that victims of "Lekki massacre" are afraid of speaking out!"
- Cham Faliya Sharon
All I know so far about the writer is that he writes in AllAfrica, Vanguard and This Day.
Another thing I understand is how hungry some writers can be while the Army on the other hand, is spending fortunes on them to defend them in the eyes of the public as they kill Nigerians extra judicially.
The issue here is that there are allegations of shooting of unarmed protesters by the Nigerian Army at Lekki where some are said to have been killed.
This issue has raised a lot of tension nationally and internationally. There are threats on the Nigerian leadership and the military that include travel ban and facing human rights violation charges before the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague.
The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gen. Tukur Buratai has been reported by the media expressing concerns about the issue. The Army had declared that it didn't shoot at protesters while the human right lawyer Femi Falana SAN insists on an independent investigation on the matter that would include the "worse enemy" of the Nigerian Army, Amnesty International.
Already the independent investigation has found out and announced where the soldiers came from, to which the Army is saying that they were invited to the scene by the Lagos state government.
Having said all these, what is a lie about what Falana SAN did concerning both the issue of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and that of Lekki attack by the Army?
Already the former spokesman of the Nigerian Army Gen Kukasheka, who managed the Zaria massacre for the Army has been reported by the media saying the soldiers actually fired "blank bullets" at the protesters at Lekki, confirming that the Army was at the scene and there was shooting.
The human rights activist Falana SAN led a case before the Federal High Court in Abuja, seeking justice for the oppressed Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Malama Zeenat Ibrahim who Buhari led Nigerian Army planned to murder in 2015 in Zaria. Is this enough justification for him to insult Falana SAN?
What has Falana SAN done that is wrong?
Is he trying to say that those in authority should be allowed to be killing anybody in their bad books extra judicially because they don't like them or for whatever reason?
President Muhammadu Buhari, Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Army, deployed soldiers to Zaria in 2015 who conducted extra judicial killings for over seventy two hours in about five locations including the residence of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. Their crime was that they are Shi'a and seen as pro Iranian in ideology and also despised by some of the majority Sunni, especially the Saudi backed. Media reports also confirmed the roles of Saudi Arabia in particular, the USA and Isreal in the plot to eliminate the Shi'a Islamic Movement in the name of fighting 'Iranian influence in Africa'. This was confirmed by not only the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bn Salman on a German Radio DW, but also by the Nigeria's president on Al-Arabiyya news station in Qatar during one of his travels to the Middle East.
The Islamic Movement was able to compile names and profiles of over seven hundred of its followers that were killed during the genocide. An average of about 1000 people were extra judicially killed or missing including women, children and infants following the military clampdown. They were later confirmed to have been buried in secret mass graves, one of which was revealed by Amnesty International using satellite images.
During the attack, Buhari's Army killed three of the Sheikh's children, cutting off the head of one of them with gunshots and shooting the other in the head at close range that his brain splashed on his father's face who was also lying in the pool of his own blood.
Buhari's Army also among various other atrocities and human right abuses burned the Sheikh's elder sister, nephew and other house helps alive in the Sheikhs residence due to the extent of devilishness.
The Buhari's boys shot the Sheikh in the eye and limbs and shot the wife in the tummy in the process but they both survived to shame the murder team.
Prior to that time the Sheikh was known to be managing hypertension, what would have been of him in that situation after the Buhari's murder team's attack? Definitely his medical situation will be worse than ever.
These beg the following questions, is it a lie that the Sheikh was not shot at when the Army attacked his residence? No it is not!
Is it a lie that he suffered ailments verified by the Nigerian Federal High Court? No it is not!
Is it a lie that it was the Kaduna High Court, despite pressure by the state government, that allowed him to go to India for treatment? No it is not!
Is it a lie that they refused to allow him see his doctors in India when he arrived there when he insisted to see his own doctors and not doctors that don't even have his medical history? No it is not!
Is it a lie that these mischiefs were all plotted by the Nigerian government using the Embassy in India with some Isreali agents? No it is not!
Is it a lie that they attempted to kill the Shaikh in India in the name of treatment using fake Israeli doctors he had never seen before? No it is not!
Is it a lie that he refused the treatment and preferred to come back and die at home, if he had to, than to be mischievously killed by the team of murderers these sponsored writers are defending on social media? No it is not!
Where then is the lie the writer is accusing Falana SAN of? This is just a psychological way of deceiving the public because in an interview with Arise news, Falana made reference to the human rights violations of the Army in Zaria and exposed the Army.
Who is the liar and who is defending extra judicial killing and murder?
Definitely the stooges of the Army and the government are guilty of deceiving the public. To them anybody that will defend an oppressed person and stand against violation of fundamental human rights is their enemy and that is why they hate Falana SAN and that is why they hate Amnesty International.
The issue is that these injustices have their consequences. Non of the perpetrators, including those working for them on the social media will escape it and we have started seeing it. Imagine how Nigerians are revolting against the government just half way through its second term? This is indeed the consequences of poor governance, injustice and oppression. The poor Nigerians have started rising against the government. You don't expect to be killing people at will or on contract and everything be going on well with you, is not possible. It is the natural law of Karma. Definitely as injustice continues to be perpetrated, the worse is yet to come. What has just been silenced down will definitely become a child's play when compared to what will be as government and its propaganda machine continue on the path of tyranny and injustice instead of being fair and just.