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El-Rufai Attack In Kaduna: Police stormed and whisked away casualties of Ashura attack PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 20 September 2020 12:38

By Abdullahi Isa Wasagu
On Saturday evening the 19/9/2020 Police men acting upon in Kaduna have all of a sudden stormed the residence where casualties of Kaduna Ashura attack are receiving medical treatment. An eye witness informed one of our correspondents that, they suddenly witnessed the appearance of Police where the casualties are receiving medical care from the fatal wounds of Police gun shot.

"As they appeared, they enquired to where l belong. Are you a Shiites member ? Are you a Shiites member ? They asked. Upon denial, they whisked away the 3 casualties with me. Before the left with them, they pretended that they will shot us if we tell lies or refused to respond to them on what they came for" an eye witness said.
The armed Police men have whisked away the 3 casualties among the scores of casualities who are receiving treatment at different places.
As at the time of this update, the whereabouts f the casualties and a brother who was also apprehended along is not yet known.
It could be recalled that Police acting on a tip had violently attacked 2020 Ashura religious mourners in Kaduna on 10th of Muharram, 30th August 2020, while they were out to peacefully mourn the death anniversary of the grandson of the Holy Prophet (S). Police under the order of Elrufai attacked with live ammunitions, instantly killed 2 and several others sustained varying degree of injuries among who the Police acted upon and ceased three to an unknown destination.

Police attackashura procession in kaduna on sun 30 aug 2020 11 muharram 1442

brothers whiskered by police in kaduna sept 2020

brothers whiskered away by police in kaduna

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