Saturday, April 1, 2023
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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful  Peace and unquantified blessings  be upon our Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), who came with a Message that is a blessing to mankindA great catastrophe has befallen the world when from the country of the Great Satan (United States), an Israeli was commissioned to produce anti-Islam film that mocked and ridiculed Islam, Prophet Muhammad and followers of this great religion. The film, apart from outward mockery on tenets and beliefs of Islam, presented Prophet Muhammad in a display of an unspeakable immoral  manner and personality. Similarly, the release of this movie at this material time, was a move to institutionalize September 11 event as an annual ritual to portray Islam as a religion of terrorists.

No doubt, the filthy hands of enemies of Islam is once again restless and becoming impatient and frustrated with the daily-increasing radiance of Islam and Holy Qur’an in the present world. They therefore targeted the most sacred and luminous figure among the world sanctities with their disgusting nonsense. Had they not backed the previous links in this evil chain, namely Salman Rushdie, the Danish cartoonist, and the US pastors who burnt the Holy Qur’an; had they not made orders for production and world wide dissemination of many anti-Islam movies to companies affiliated to the Zionist capitalists, things would not have lead to this great and unforgivable sin today. The enemies of Islam have approached the red line, by their blasphemous stance, hence no Muslim should assume a position of neutrality on this all important issue. You are either with the Prophet or with his enemies and the enemies of Islam.

No doubt, the complicity of the Zionist regime and the US government has become glaring in their unresolved fight against Islam. These suppressive regime backed and financed production and global dissemination of the movie, made no effort in bringing the culprits to book. Rather they are busy with arrogant pursuit of vegeance for their burnt embassy in Libya. If their claim of not being involved in production of this film is true, we demand them to bring the perpetrators of this hideous crime and their financial backers, who have wrenched the hearts of Muslim nations, to face a punishment proportionate to this great crime. At the same time, a clear unreserved apology be publicly made to the Muslim world and any other person offended by the film, while its circulation be stopped and blocked.

 Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) is a Prophet for all Muslim nations, irrespective of ethnicity, race and geographical boundaries. It is therefore incumbent for all Muslims and right thinking people to express their anger without violence to life and property. Like in other Muslim countries, we the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sayyeed Ibraheem Yaqub Zakzaky and the entire Muslims of this nation have come out in peaceful demonstration to condemn this dastardly act, as people who love and Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) in lofty status.

We are aware of the covert operations of agents of America in Nigeria, who are bent on defending American interests all cost. They should know that, we are ready to defend the personality of our Beloved Prophet with the last drop of our blood.


 Peace and unquantified blessing be upon Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his pure progeny.

 Abdul-Hamid Bello

Zaria- 4th Zhul Qa’adah 1433 A.H. (20th September 2012)