Saturday, April 1, 2023
Sheikh Zakzaky Speaks on the Anti-Islamic Movie

Responding on the global outcry against the recent anti- Islam movie, Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky disclosed that

 production and dissemination of the movie unhindered was another strategy to institutionalize and commemorate September 11 as a global phenomenon, and portray Islam as a religion of terrorists.

“For this reason, they do celebrate 9/11 yearly with different activities in order to revive it. Two years ago, Terry Jones, celebrated 9/11 with public burning of the holy Qur’an. Two years on, they now wanted to celebrate it with release of video which portrays the holy Prophet (SAWA) in bad manners. They have already produced a two-hour video on this, and posted a 10 minutes clip of it on YouTube and other websites. The clip mocks, insults, ridicules and portrays the Prophet, his wives, Muslims and religion of Islam negatively. The movie  went  a step further to cast a doubt on  the existence of the  prophet of Islam. There is no need for one to watch the clip; it suffices you hear and read about it, as it contains pornographic episode directed by a Jewish-American Film director. We are now making it clear that the 2 hr film should not be released to public.

This clearly shows what they are after. They called Muslims terrorists and sometimes they say adherents of Islam are terrorists, and now they have gone  beyond having terrorists in Islam; it’s the prophet himself  insulted and portrayed in bad manner. What does this means? Few years ago, a Danish insulted the Prophet in a cartoon, yet the enemies of Islam insisted that they have freedom of expression to say whatever.

By continued insult on the holy Prophet, it became clear that they are fighting Islam. To them,  anything which symbolizes Islam such as beard, turban, prayers , Qur’an,  is associated with terrorism. They are openly equating the Prophet with terrorism.  They have drawn a red line, which removed any doubt that terrorism means the holy Prophet, so also the Qur’an and religion as a whole.

Now it is incumbent upon every Muslims to express that he/she is a Muslim who testifies to the oneness of God and the prophethood of Muhammad (SAWA). Failing to do so means lack of concern and care for the religion and the Prophet; his/her concern will in turn be with enemies of Islam; he is the supporter of the US. We have to express our sorrow and to show that the Prophet has honour and holds exalted position in our minds. The matter shall not be allowed to pass away without any challenge on our side.

It has become evidently clear that US and Israel are the producers and financiers of the crude film, as they supported it ; it is not an individual handiwork,  as they asserted. They provided protection for the film  producer .They neither condemn its production, nor did they express concern about its dissemination, instead, they are only concerned with their staff in various embassies. They are busy  giving their citizens full protection to the extent that warships were positioned in Libya in a record time. This shows that warships were already stationed there before the event. Their enmity is clear as well as their target and mission-fighting Muslims and their religion.

Despite their claim of freedom of expression, we know that there are some laws they used to promulgate against expressions that hurt their feelings. If they are sincere about  this, they should stop the release and circulation of the complete Film as it will cause serious repercussions greater that the one sparked by the 10mins clip.

To our surprise, France and Germany immediately y made laws banning anti US protests in their countries. However, they neither ban the showing of the film, nor did they condemn it. Instead, they banned anti-American protests!

Here in Nigeria people thought that we would also come out to protest on Friday, but we did not. This is because we are in country led by American stooges who promotes its agenda, and even work for it. The government and its various organs and agencies are working for America. For example, Nigeria had an agreement with China before on roads project, however, America stopped Nigeria from implementing the project. Likewise, Iran/Nigeria agreement on electricity was stopped by America. Let them know that America will never benefit Nigerian leaders in anyway. We have a government which only serves American interests, which always look for pretext to attack and kill Muslims.

On the other hand, we are in a poverty-stricken society with ignorance and emotions in which the people may go beyond limit in a protest. While protest is only organized to express dissatisfaction; not killings and destruction of property.

Protests were recently organized in Lebanon by Hizbullah comprising of all Muslim groups including Christians. They matched all along street with common slogan of “Labbayka Rasulullah” . this is the type of protest we want to organize which will include all groups of Muslims. The protest can be held any day, not necessarily Friday as Nigeria is also a country of lovers of the Prophet (SAWA).

Our message to the stooges of America is that our protest shall surely take place. So, the blood thirsty stooges who serve American interest shall have the chance to kill. We are ready to die for the Prophet, and we want you to show that you are enemies of Prophet(SAWA) by killing his lovers. Our common slogan is “Labbayka Rasulallah”. This is the symbol of unity, so all Muslims shall express their concern with us. One  is either with the Prophet or with the enemies.

Transcribed by Khalid I.