Saturday, April 1, 2023
Graduation Ceremony of 22 who Committed Quran to Memory in Kano + PICs

Twenty two pupil of Fudiyyah Primary School Kano commited the holy Qur'an to memory. The graduation ceremony took place at Filin Dala, Koki,  in Kano city 

on Sunday the 26th of August 2012 in the presence of parents, teachers, members of the islamic Movement, and the general public in their thousands. The Graduation is the third of its kind.

the 22 students, comparised of  15 males and 7 females, were tested by Hafiz Gwani Ali Dankoki who recited sections of the holy Qur'an while the students completed the verses. One of the student, Muhammad Qasim Umar displayed outstanding performance by identifying every verse he was asked on where and why it was revealed and the page it is found in the holy Qur'an. Hafiz Muhammad is  the son of Mallam Qasim Umar Sokoto who is presently imprisoned by Sokoto state Governor, Alu Wammako.

The Leader of the Islamic Movement is the guest speaker at the occasion. He described the Qur'an as source of knowledge and civilisation.  He also lamented how the Muslim Ummah abandoned the holy Qur'an, though, he stressed that  the ceremony is an indication of the journey of the Ummah towards hopeful future.

Sheikh Zakzaky further reminded the Muslim Ummah about the Hadeeth Thaqalayn in which the Prophet left for the Ummah the holy Qur'an and his Itrah, his household as the two will never seperate upto the Day of Judgement.

The Islamic Movement has over 300 Fudiyyah Nursery and primary Schools mainly found in the North. Some of them have memorisation section.