Saturday, April 1, 2023
Sheikh Zakzaky Hosts Sallah Feast

The revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has for the third time hosted a Sallah feast for personalities from different classes

 and denominations that include academicians, professionals, politicians, journalists and clerics from both the Islamic and Christian religions at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah located next to the Zaria Polo Club on 25th of August 2012.

Though the feast was intended to treat the attendants with different recipes of edibles and also create a platform where they will interact and reaffirm their friendships as well, the leader of the Movement used the opportunity to remind the attendants of the need for understanding and harmonious coexistence amongst people.

He called on the people not to be carried away by or deceived into believing that there is a situation because whatever it is artificial and is not of them.   

He said, “We are a facing a situation whereby the current insecurity is imposed upon us and we are being blamed for it, whereas it is not our fault. It is created by a selfish group for a selfish purpose. It is absurd for poverty to be imposed on a person and he be blamed for it. We have not been like this in the past therefore this situation is not of us at all. There are masterminds behind it.”

He explained that it is true that there are differences among people but they are no reason for crises and disharmony. He said, “It is true that people differ in tribe but nobody has contributed towards belonging to any tribe or race. He only finds himself in it. Therefore this does not form any logical base for any crises.”

Sheikh Zakzaky (H) warned that there is a plan to destabilize Nigeria from outside and turn it into another Somalia. “Look at what they are doing in Syria. Some of the captives have testified that those that took them captive were not of Syrian descent but Europeans. Look at what they did in Libya where they imposed a war on it and got it destabilized and later killed the leader Ghaddafi. Look at what they have done to Somalia which they have rendered ungovernable for the past 17 years. This is what they are planning to do with Nigeria.”

He warned that with this kind of vicious plan, people should not be deceived into crises on the grounds of religious differences or tribalism.

Responding to questions from pressmen, the leader of the Islamic Movement mentioned that doors are opened for anyone calling for peace and understanding as the Movement has gone far in recent years struggling to make people comprehend the need for peace understanding and harmonious coexistence as a result of which the Movement organizes an annual unity week. He also mentioned that several tribal and religious groups have invited him to functions or visited him in search of peace and understanding which he has attended and contributed immensely.

In attendance at the function were Reverend Kuka of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Reverend Mamman Daudu of the Chapel of Resurrection, Zaria and Mr Diji Haruna, Chairman, Christian/Muslim Youth Peace Initiative.

In their remarks, the respected clerics expressed appreciation towards the leader of the Islamic Movement and also called for peace and understanding. Reverend Daudu mentioned the need youths to be mobilized towards peace. He said “Most of the people that take part in crises are youths. Let’s talk to them with the hope that they will listen and shun violence.”

Also present at the occasion were Alhaji Mukhtar Zubair, former Director General Media, Alhaji Ali Turi, Dr Yusuf Nadabo and many others. 




A. Giwa and I. Usman