Saturday, April 1, 2023
No going back we march to emancipate Quds

The Kano Da’ira of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria joined the global expression of solidarity to the Palestinian struggle against Zionism

 on Friday 29th Ramadan (17th Aug, 2012). Peaceful procession was conducted in the ancient city of Kano. The march took off from the renowned Waje Mosque in Fagge quarters, proceeded through the famous Kano Eid ground adjacent to the K/Wambai Market, through Kofar mata, then past the Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital and terminated at the City Central Mosque, Emir’s palace. The portrait of the ‘dome of the rock’ was at the front of the procession. Exuberant youths were chanting “No going back, we march to emancipate Quds.”

 For the last 64 years, the Zionists drove away and usurped the Palestinian lands. The oppressed continue to suffer day in day out from acts of savagery. The third most important mosque to the Muslim World, Al-Aqsa in Quds became under Zionist tight control. It may be recalled that the last Friday of every Ramadan was designated as the International Quds day by the revered leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, late Ayatullah Ruhullah al Musawiy Al Khumayniy (QS). This day is being observed throughout the Muslim World for the last 33 years.

In his closing remarks, Malam Muhammad Mahmud Turi expressed gratitude to the Almighty, who made the program to succeed against all sinister plans by the errand boys of the Zionists in Nigeria. He expressed the Palestinian tragedy as the worst in recent human history. He noted that Muslims and non Muslims with human feeling cannot afford to overlook this oppression. He called the attention of the teeming audience that it was in August 1979 that Imam Khumainy declared the last Friday in each Ramadan as the international Quds day. This call has been answered globally by various countries and communities.

Commenting on the current global happenings Sheikh Turi observed that in Syria, the world arrogance and their cohorts continue to sponsor insurgents to destabilize the regime. Bashir al Asad is a friend to the resistance front against Zionism. He has solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle, HAMAS, Hizbullah and the Islamic Republic in Iran. Again, Malam Turi noted the unabated pathetic massacre of Mynmarese Muslims by the pagan Buddhists. In Nigeria, he said that the merchants of evil instituted terror in the form of planting bombs, more especially in places of worship, indiscriminate shootings, all in an effort to destabilize the country.

As continuation of his remarks, Malam Turi brought to limelight the fact that current events signal the beginning of the end of the illegal Zionist entity- Israel. He said that Sayyid Nasrallah told the world that Israel is now an empty can devoid of action; they keep on chanting war rhetoric only. If it were in yesteryears, they could have launched their provocative attacks. Even their overlord, the USA is in a dilemma on venturing into war with the Islamic resistance front.

This Front will certainly overpower the oppressors. The leaders of these resistance movements would serve as the lieutenants of the Saviour of mankind at the end of times, Imam Mahdi (AF). So at the time of his reappearance, vanquish of the combined satanic arrogant forces would certainly be accomplished. The revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, his Eminence Sayyid Ibraheem Ya’qoub El Zakzaky (H) is among these able lieutenants. He would re-establish Islam which is the only way out in Nigeria.

In his closing remarks Malam Turi challenged that “if there are supporters of Israel let them be bold enough as we have been to assign a date and come out to show solidarity with the Zionists.” at the end, he expressed appreciation to the efforts of brothers and sisters in organizing and supporting the program. He prayed for our continued prosperity after Ramadan.