Saturday, January 28, 2023
Red Flag Raised on the Dome of Husainiyyah PDF Print E-mail

The red flag with Arabic inscription of ‘Ya Husain’ was put on the dome of Husaniyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria on Wednesday the 15th of Shaban 1433 (4th july 2912).

 during Nisf Shaban commemoration. The flag from the holy Shrine of the Imam Husain(AS),  was donated to the Leader of the Islamic in Nigeria Sheikh Zakzkay in Lebanon when he attended the conference of the Unions of NGOs defending Palestinians rights in Lebanon June ending.

During the ceremony  in the presence of  hundreds of thousands of followers of Ahlulbayt, the flag was unveiled  by Sheikh Zakzaky and it was moved around the vicinity by four men each holding to one of its edges. The red flag of revenge was then raised using a flagpole and rope to reach the dome of the Husainiyyah. Sayyid Ahmad Zakzaky raised the flag on the dome in a proper manner.

The ceremony was marked with recitation of the holy Qur’an and poets of Imam Mahdi (AJ) and Imam Husain(AS) by the Guards.

Explaining the significance of the red flag sheikh zakzky spoke on various Sha’airillah (symbols of Allah) as found in other places adding that this flag is also one of the Sha’airillah being from the tomb of one of the greatest servants of Allah. He elaborated that the best of all the symbols of Allah are his  chosen servants- Ahlubayt(AS). The flag is from the hloy tomb of Imam Husain(AS) who is the chosen servant of God.