Saturday, January 28, 2023
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By Mahfuz Mundadu. What sounds all familiar elsewhere, only a few years ago, is now becoming a recurring decimal in our daily chore. Not that one is an incurable worrywart,

 but if the truth must be told “our” inept and corrupt leaders have perfected a plan towards the nation’s ultimate decent to anarchy. Yet even a cursory look at the Government’s approach to the critical issues of leadership at all levels, suggest that a myriads of qualms shouldn’t be out of consign.

Security wise, Nigerian has been in the decline since the inglorious years of the then Military Junta under the demagoguery and despotic Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida. The Kafanchan unfortunate incidence in which a Christian Evangelist, Bako by name,  insulted the personality of the Holy Prophet of Islam provoked a protest from the Muslim community which was meted with gangster-like assault leading to lost of precious lives and valuable properties on both sides of the religious divides. In the midst of the strife, the Principal culprit was smuggled out of the nation, to a yet to be disclosed destination.

If the incident then was atrocious, what followed was awfully wild. The Federal Government’s agents of coercion travelled hundreds of kilometers away from the crime scene, which was Kafanchan and made series of arrests in cities as far as Zaria and Yola. The centre of appeal in this stream of persecution was the Revered Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and his disciples. Neither Sheikh  nor any of his disciples ever took part or supported the strife. In fact it was on record that when tempers were high, with reprisal drums being beaten, the Revered Sheikh was the lone voice of reasoning that persistently advised Muslims against retaliation. At least the ABU students that gathered at ABU Zaria mosque on that fateful day will bare testimony to the effect that Sheikhs disciples were the ones going round the campus to calm nerves at the risk of their personal safety. Apparently, in so doing the evil machination of the enemies of this nation could not be hatched full blast. At the end of the farce, a Kangaroo tribunal headed by Karibi Whyte, sentenced Sheikh and scores of his disciples to various prison terms. In the same stroke, non of the culprits were arrested or even chewed-out. With that a stage was set towards the breakup of this country through persistent and countless ethno-religious unrest being engineered by demagogue and their agent provocateurs.

On the global outlook the collapse of Soviet Union brings an end to the rivalry between the two self-acclaimed super powers. In the circumstance the United State saw an opportunity to be the undisputed super power; leaving other nations with no option but to play a subservient role and live in “peace” which, according to the Zionist-infested successive US regimes, means unquestionable obedience and blind followership to the whims and caprices of the Yankees. In the words of Geoffrey Warner : “Plans were developed to control what was called a Grand Area, a region encompassing the Western Hemisphere, the Far East, The former British Empire [ and colonies to which Nigeria was and still is part of ] within this expansive domain, the US was to maintain unquestioned power with military and economic supremacy...” And in the course of establishing that, any obstacle real, perceived, assumed or presumed is to be ruthlessly crushed and swept away leaving no trace.

It is pretty evident that the only formidable obstacle against Western hegemony is nothing but Islam. Not only as a religion but as way of life based on logic and reasoning, Islam will continue to be a hard nut impossible to crack by any domineering force or ideology. In spite of propaganda, blackmail and victimisation of Islam and whatever it stands for, Islamic reawakening continue to gain appeal within the Muslim faithful. Not only that, a lot of other non Muslims were embracing Islam as a religion and a way of life. Add that to the resistance movement in Middle East, a region where the illegal Zionist state of Israel won the Arab-Israeli war but is slowly but surely loosing the battle in the hands of Islamic resistance. The total liberation of Lebanon by the Hizbullah resistance movement  is a classical harbinger of what is reserved for the illegal and pariah state of Israel in due course.

If there is any secret to the success of Islamic resistance where Arabism disgracefully failed it is nothing but spirit of sacrifice which Islam instills in its followers as well as being an organized setting based on knowledge and reasoning. At least the secret of the victory of the Islamic movement in the present Islamic Republic of Iran was and still is enshrined in a God-fearing Islamic scholar that has come to be associated with intellectualism, self-denial and sacrifice. A leadership that is organized based on knowledge not emotion, reasoning not extremism, cohesion not coercion and tolerance not turbulence. In spite of Iran then being arguably the forth strongest military might on earth, Imam Khomeini was able to, bare-handed, sent US back Pahlavi regime packing unceremoniously.

The lesson learnt by imperialists is that wherever there is freedom movement, which if truly genuine will surely jeopardized the selfish interest of West and its puppets, the repressive regime being challenged should be supported and encouraged to respond with disproportionate force. The objective is either to crush the resistance movement or provoke its members in to taking up arms and going violent. With that the resistance movement will be fighting the government from the movement’s position of weakness. More so in taking up arms the movement might have unwittingly scare away other potential sympathizers from joining the noble cause of freedom.

In Nigeria the same script is being played. The Islamic movement in Nigeria remains to date, the only consistent, organized and result oriented movement that brings hope to the otherwise teaming populace of hopelessness. All efforts to subdue or subjugate, misdirect or misalign, dilute or divert, crush or crumble the movement has proven frustratingly abortive, yet the Zionist-controlled network of state terrorism are in no mood to give up. What come to be called Boko Haram in Nigeria should be view from this angle. If Boko Haram truly exist... if Boko Haram is not government sponsored network of terrorists why is it that up to this moment none of the arrested suspects were prosecuted conclusively in any court of law within or outside Nigeria. Why is it that those that ought to have been star witnesses in the saga ALL died in a mysterious circumstances while in police custody.

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan confirmed (not alleged) what we all knew, that his government is Boko Haram infested ( Put differently, the Federal Government is the real Boko Haram). Why is it that up to this moment he is yet to mention names? If that is the case what does the law says about somebody that is accessory to and yet withheld and is still withholding vital information that borders on treason and felony in which, to be charitable that is exactly what Boko Haram is all about?

The destiny of this country is in the hands of the citizens. We all have the option to be some instruments of destruction being used by the fraud called Nigerian leaders. In so doing there will be fisticuf between the Muslims and the Christians; Northerner and Southerner; Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo. And each time such strife happened we end up, willingly or unwillingly giving the same crooks responsible for our predicament a blank cheque to steal more money in the name of security vote and rehabilitation of the internally displaced. On the other hand we have the option to direct our energy ( anger if you like) to where the problem of this country is and that is leadership. Not only that, tell the politicians in clear and unambiguous terms that enough is enough.