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Bahrain: Two martyrs as medics jailed again, children tortured and injured PDF Print E-mail

Two people have been martyred as a result of using chemical gases against peaceful demonstrators. Maryam Nasir Abdullah, 80, was martyred 

last Saturday on 9th June. Last night excessive use of violence by regime’s forces caused many injuries.

 Shotguns were used against peaceful protesters in at least fifteen towns who were calling for regime change. The injured were treated at makeshift clinics run by volunteer doctors and nurses because the main hospitals are run by the military. Anyone who seeks treatment there will certainly be arrested.

The human rights world has been shocked by the Alkhalifa decision to continue the incarceration of the doctors and medics on trumpeted charges. Yesterday Alkhalifa rulers issued their verdict to jail Dr Ali Al Ekri to five years, Dr Ibrahim Al Demstani to three and Dr Ghassan Dhaif to one year. Several others were sentenced to six months although they had spent more than six months in Alkhalifa torture dungeons.

Ahmad Mansoor Al Nahham, 4, was sprayed with shotgun pellets as he clung to his father on Wednesday 13th June. The scene was reminiscent of what had happened to the Palestinian boy, Mohammed Al Durra and his father in 2001 when the Israelis mercilessly sprayed them with bullets as they sheltered near a wall. The boy is now at the hospital, his body exhibiting horrific wounds caused by indiscriminate shooting by regime’s forces on the pair who were not involved in protests. It came shortly after the dictator, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, appeared in his military uniform and threatened the people with more violence and repression. He uttered his threats in a meeting with military personnel to highlight the decision by the Alkhalifa to reject any reform of the antiquated dictatorial political regime.

The world had been dumbfounded when earlier this week the 11-years old Ali Hassan was arrested, tortured and held for a period that would have extended for much longer. His case shocked the world as he pleaded with lawyer: I want to go home. The Alkhalifa were defeated when criticisms came from all corners from the world. Even the visiting British Under-Secretary of State for the Middle East had to concede that the holding the boy was wrong. He was accused of taking part in illegal gathering of more than five people. There was an international outcry against this state terrorism implemented by the dictator and his lieutenants. Ali Hassan was released on Wednesday as the incident became serious embarrassment not to Alkhalifa alone but to their allies especially the American and British officials. Bahrainis have also expressed disappointment and dismay at the insensitive remarks by Alistair Burt  who affirmed British help to the Alkhalifa in security matters. He has thus conceded British complicity in the repression adopted by Alkhalifa against Bahrainis.

At another level, the Alkhalifa clique sentenced nine doctors and nurses to jail terms ranging between six months and five years for treating the injured last year. On one hand it was a comprehensive defeat for the ruling family and its backers who had claimed that the medics had planned to overthrow the regime and had stored arms in the hospital. The military court had sentenced them for jail terms of up to fifteen years. On the other hand, sending them back to jail after they had been released is confirmation of the repression of the regime. There has been condemnation of the decision by the Alkhalifa to jail innocent people from almost everywhere. Amnesty International said “today was a dark day for justice” and immediately urged Bahrain to quash the convictions, saying they were obviously “politically motivated” and the accusations against the medical professionals were “completely unfounded.” Arrests orders have been issued against four of the defendants - ‘Ali ‘Esa Mansoor al-‘Ekri, Ghassan Ahmad ‘Ali Dhaif, Ebrahim ‘Abdullah Ebrahim and Sa’eed Mothaher Habib al Samahiji.

Bahrain Freedom Movement

15th June 2012