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 This is part of the speech by Sheikh Zakzaky on the commemoration of Imam Khadeem(AS) and Annual Shuhada Day. It covers, life, struggle and martyrdom of Imam Khadeem(AS),

 lessons to be drawn, enemies plan to cause conflicts and bloodshed amongs Muslims, killings in Potiskum and Kano and words of warning to enemies of Islam.

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered an inspiring speech during  the martyrdom  commemoration of  Imam Musa bn Fafar(AS) in Zaria on Saturday the 27th of Rajab 1433 (16/6/2012). The commemoration was marked together with annual Shuhada Day.

After normal Salutation Sheikh Zakzaky said the commemoration is marked on Saturday to allow for maximum participation by Members. 27th of Rajab is also another important day as it the day of the public declaration of the Prophetic mission of the holy prophet(SAWA).

The martyrdom of Imam khadeem (AS)

Sheikh Zakzaky spoke on the martyrdom of Imam Musa bn Jafar bn Muhammad Baqeer bn Zainul Abidin bn Husain bn Ali (salamul lahi alaihim). He is the 7th Imam of the Muslims, though some called them  Shia Imams.

He was born at a place half way between Makka and Madina called Abwa’ in the year 128 AH. Abwa  is the place where  the tomb of  the Prophet’s Mother Sayyidah Amina(SA) is located as she passed away there . His mother is Hameeda- a lady with lofty status from Barbar tribe; her complexion is black. She was well trained by Imam Jafar (AS) in a special way to train women.

Imam Musa lived with his father Imam Sadiq for 20 years and was therefore well trained. When Imam Jafar was martyred it was Imam Khadeem who led the funeral prayer and burial.

After the martyrdom of Imam Jafar(AS), Haruna, unfortunately called ‘Rasheed’  noticed how people went to Imam kadheem in large number; He therefore saw as a threat and ordered for his arrest. The arrest was carried out when the Imam was praying at the tomb of the holy Prophet in Madina. The Imam was seriously disturbed as he was not allowed to finish his prayer.

His followers went to Baghdad thinking that he was taken to Baghdad as they were deceived. He was however handed over to the governor of Basra. The governor monitored the Imam while in his custody and noticed that the gentle Imam was always engaged in devotion and prayers seeking forgiveness for the believers. The governor was surprised and therefore lessen the punishment for the Imam.

Imam was always on transfer from one prison to another by the order Harun. Later he was handed over to a Jew by name Sindi bn Shahiq. Imam prayed to God for his release whereupon Harun made a dream in which he became terrified and confused. The imam was later confined in Baghdad without going out of it.

Haruna later ordered for the killing of the Imam Kadheem. He was fed with poisoned date by Sindi with which he broke his fast.  He died eventually as result of  the poison.

Earlier on, a disciple of the holy Imam visited him through the assistance of a warder. The disciple saw Imam in harsh condition in a tight room beside him was a grave dug. The disciple burst into cry. Imam asked him why he was crying. ‘Because of the harsh condition in which  I saw you’ replied the disciple. The Imam persuaded him not worry. He then asked the Imam when do we you? ‘This Friday’, said the Imam.

He was delighted with the answer and spread the news to followers at which they all gathered in the mosque waiting to see Imam.  To their surprise they sighted a corpse brought in to the mosque. The people carrying the corpse around were saying’ this is the body of a rafid –the name they called Shia.

Upon seeing this, the disciple collected the body by force from Haruna soldiers. Upon examining the body by a doctor he confirmed that the Imam was poisoned to death. He even advised relatives to seek blood money from the perpetrators.

His Burial

By the special grace of Allah his funeral and burial arrangement was led by his son Imam Ridha(AS), though living far away at that time. He was buried in Baghdad at a place called Khazimiyyah. A place visited by millions each year.

The only offence committed by Imam Khadeem is that he said my lord is Allah. Haruna perceived Imam Khadeem as threat because people visited imam massively.

Imam’s devotion and prayers is enough for Haruna to live the Imam alone, but that was not the case. A believer can never escape from the aggression of aggressors. This is lesson for all. The aggressor wants a believer to leave God and be his servant. However, no matter your obedience to aggressors  they won’t allow you as they do kill even their close men when they see them as threat. Mamoon and Haruna have even killed their prime ministers, who obeyed them at all capacity, for seeing them as threat.

So, following them does not guarantee peace and escaping death, it is rather a loss in the hereafter.

Important lesson from Imam khadeem’s  martyrdom is that imprisonment of a believer will only allow him more time for devotion and prayers to his lord.

The third lesson is that what even befall a believer is good. Another lesson is that the Imam returned to Allah in a welcome and respective manner.  This will be case for anyone who followed their path.

Today we are commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Musa al-khadeem who was martyred over 1000 years ago and millions are now in Kazimiyyah despite threat from enemies.

Movement’s martyrs.

In the same vain, we are commemorating the martyrs of the Islamic Movement. The Movement is now 33 years since its independence, in 1400 AH. The first Shaheed was martyred 32 years ago and since then the number kept increasing. Now we have 136 martyrs in 33 years. The figure, being small, can make someone surprising. No need for that  as attaining to martyrdom is costly; its price is paradise.

This year we have recorded more martyrs, thought the killers wanted to kill more. We have one by name Abubakr Aliyu who died in prison; he was among the Sokoto brothers who are in detention. Another one was from Gombe who was killed by thugs when they attacked members in the mosque. The traditional ruler in Gombe was reported to have said’ I want to see who owns Gombe, the king or the shiites’ .  in answering him we shall say’ town belongs to Allah, in this manner we can say everything belongs the holy prophet and the holy prophet has heir- they are his Ahlulbayt and their followers. Another Shaheed is also from Sokoto who died in exile in Illela town.

The recent martyr is Alhaji Muhammad Ali who was killed by gunmen in his residence in Kano.  They went to his house on Friday and collected his car key. When they left , they could start the car so they came back asking him to show them the car security. They later gun him down. It was discovered that their aim was to use the car and attack a mosque in Kano during prayer with intention of killing the Imam. They will be calling ‘ya Husain, ya Husain’ during the intended attack. Then they will join members of movement to show that the attack was carried out by members of the Islamic Movement. They wanted to cause conflicts and bloodshed among Muslims. They also planned to join with Izala group to fight Shiites as revenge.

This may not be the end of it, as the enemies may unleash an attack calling ‘ya mahdi, ya Husain……’ while carrying out the attacks. They have planned to seize vehicles from members of the Movement and use them to carry out attacks on mosques. They will in turn carry out reprisal attacks on members of the Movement.

The enemies made similar strategy during the hanging of Saddam Husain.  Saddam was hang secretly but voice reciting ‘Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad, wa ali Muhammad’  was heard to show that the hanging was carried out by Shiites, All this was in vain. One clearly differentiate the voice as not part of the scene.

The enemies thought that this same strategy would work in Nigeria. They planed similar strategy last time but we exposed them in our newspaper and internet. They planned to use a cleric to insult shia belief and then they will kill him and blame Shia. This tactic is still part of the plan; they will employ a Sheikh or a Cleric to condemn Shia. There are many clerics who are ready to do the job, they would preach that shia insult Sahabas.

Let them know that there is no way a real Shia will kill another person. The issue is that no one can pass a verdict to kill another person, except a Mujtahid and we don’t have one in Nigeria. They should look into history there was never a terrorist among Shia. Killing is condemned by Allah.

In Jos, for example, a church was bombed and they started carrying out a reprisal attack on Muslims. If a person kills another, the killers should be fished out and face judgment; not to attack the whole tribe or group. Only the culprit will be punished if the killing is true.

They create Pretext.

The enemies always look for pretext or create one to attack Muslims. Killing of Muhammad Ali in Kano is one of the failed stratagems. They are planning to commit another crime in Kano.

In Potiskum they went and killed members of the Movement, they didn’t even create the pretext. Prior to the recent killings of Members in Potiskum by the Nigerian Police, they also killed hundreds in the Potiskum Cattle market. After they killed hundreds they said everyone kept quite except Shiites.

During the Police attack on member , one of them was heard making phone calls saying’ we have killed the Shia leader, his followers and all his family members’ . Their mission was to kill Mallam Mustafa lawal Nasidi, but they ended up killing Mallam Mukhtar Lawal Nasidi, Mallam Zakariyyah and Mallam Abdullahi.

In the attack the police killed one of their colleague who was caught by a member. They gun down both. They took the colleague in a wheel barrow before his death and he was bitterly accusing them of killing him. They informed his family that he was killed by Boko Haram. As they kept his body, the body started decomposing a day later, so they ordered Prisoners to dig hall and bury him. They are now confused.

They did this by an order from Abuja by a people who knew nothing except killings, a people who claimed to have acquired education while in reality they knew nothing except killings and assassination.

The enemies even claimed to have made 24 failed attempts on members. Their utterance of believe in God is nothing but deception. Let them know that Day of Judgment is coming. They engage in killings but we are calling on them to desist for their own good. If you turn your back from this nasiha then you can go ahead and whatever you want.

Killing innocents is your way of life but to us is nothing as even today we are commemorating our  Imam who was martyred over 1000 years ago. Killing cannot stop Islam from rising.

People are now threatened with faceless, non-existent group called Boko Haram. Whenever there is bomb blast, the enemies are first to announce it. We shall know that whenever there is bomb blast, just find out, the area was cordoned by security agents before.

To know perpetrators of bomb blast is possible as each and every bomb is marked by its manufacturer; also to whom it was sold is known.  But we never heard news about the marking on the bombs and to whom it was sold to from their reports.

Another tactic of the enemies of Islam is also broadcasted in an advert in Nigerian television Authority which says ‘ we are not terrorists, we are Nigerians’  it lacks sense completely.  Because, it means whoever is not a Nigerian is a terrorist; so American, Briton and even Obama are terrorists as they are not Nigerians. Perhaps, what they wanted to say is ‘we are not Muslims, we are Nigerians’.

They are afraid of Shiites because Shiites are real followers of the holy Prophet(AS). A parable of this is like a person selling candles in a locality who don’t know about electricity.  He went to  another town and saw  a bright light of electricity. Upon coming back to the locality he warned the people never to embrace electricity as it kills. Islam, especially Shia, is light from electricity and they don’t want people to know about it.

In conclusion, we know that the enemies of Islam will not desist, despite the fact that t they acknowledge their  mistakes some times, this will not make them stop committing crimes. They will never be right.

 Martyrdom is what we shall be seeking for. Death by way of martyrdom is an honour and departing the world by way of martyrdom is the highest form of worship in itself. It is never an accidental death.

More so, we shall always remember our martyrs by their names and in group in our prayers. We should also take care of their families and dependents. It is our responsibility.  We pray that Almighty Allah shall take vengeance of their blood on the killers. Posterity will never forget killers and criminals as the killers prepared for themselves bad end and humiliation in this world and the next.