Saturday, January 28, 2023
The Islamic Movement Marks Imam Kadheem (AS)'s Martyrdom and Shuhada Day PDF Print E-mail

The Islamic Movement Marked the martyrdom commmemoration of Imam Musa AlKadheem (AS) in Zaria on Satruday the 27th of Rajab 1433

 (16/6/2012). The commemoration was marked  together with Annual Martrys Day of the Islamic Movement. The gathering  was attended by hundreds of thousands. In his speech Sheikh Zakzaky spoke on the sufferings of Imam Musa  al-Kadheem (AS) in the hands of rulers of his time notably Haruna "Rasheed?!"

He also spoke on the lessons from the life of Imam Khadeem(AS) and his martyrdom. Similarly, the Leader of the Islamic Movement spoke on martys of the Islamic Movement which he said this year the Movement recorded 7 more martrys through the handwork of enemies of Islam and Muslims.

The leader explained that  martryom is victory and can be  achieved only by those whom Allah has chosen and as such death threat cannot stop a believer from practising his religion as the life of imam Khadeem(AS) showed.

He also spoke on the responsliblies of the rest of the Muslims towards the families and dependants of those who attained martrydom.

Earlier on the Chairman of the Shuhada Foundation of the Islamic Movement Mallam Abdulhamid Bello spoke on the annual activities of the Foundation and the success achieved within the year. He  said with additional 7 matrys recorded this year the number of the matrys of the Islamic Movement is now 136 and the number of families under the care of the Foundation is 334.

Mallam Bello further explained that  the Foundation's actvities include supponsoring the education of the martrys' children. This year, he said, two children memorised the holy Qur'an. Generally the welfare of the children has improved, he noted adding that skill acquisation programme has also improved with additional funding.

Mallam Bello further expressed that the Foundation is on the move to acquire land to further enhance its business actviities like setting up of block industry and bottle water.

He reminded the muslims of thier responsbility towards martrys and called on them to pay thier dues in order to support the activities of the Foundation.