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The Islamic Movement marked the occasion of Lailatil Mab’ath on Friday the 26th of Rajab 1433 (15th of June 2012) at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah,

 Zaria. The occasion was well attended by thousands of people from far and near. Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered a lengthy speech on the significance of the day.

In his speech the Leader revisited the history of the Prophet before declaration of his Prophetic mission.  He  explained the true and actual history before and after the Prophet declared his prophetic mission. He cleared the distortion made with regard to Prophet’s mission and matters surrounding it.

The distortion regarding the revelation during the seclusion of the holy Prophet in the cave of Hira and the report that Angel Gabriel squeezed the holy Prophet asking him  to “recite” was  termed by the Leader as distorted version.

While explaining the distortion of history regarding Imam Ali Sheikh Zakzaky explained how the holy Prophet (SAWA), one day, called the leading personalities of Bani Hashim and prepared food for them.  After that he asked  ‘Who amongst you will help me in my mission? Whoever does so, will be my brother, my successor, my heir and my representative?’   there was absolute silence. They were in some deep ponderance when all of a sudden Imam Ali (a.s.) stood up. In another tradition, it was Imam Ali who rose up and accepted  to be with Prophet (SA) each time he asked. It was Imam Ali who made his intentions of assistance and sacrifice very clearly in front of all those present.  Imam Ali was always with the Prophet even before prophetic mission and during revelation.


Regarding the revelation the Leader of the Islamic Movement explained that even before the event of Hira cave as reported by the Books of the Majority which they said revelation started in Hira cave, the Prophet had been receiving revelations in stages. Some of the stages he explained are:

-          Ru’ya Sadiqah. The Holy prophet started receiving revelation by Ru’yah Sadiqah ( receiving by way of true dream)

-          Angel Gabriel used to teach the Prophet things 3 years before declaration of Prophetic Mission. This  happened before Quran was revealed

-          The holy Prophet used to express the bounty of Allah upon him

-          He was used to warn his people

-          Then Qur’an was revealed to him.

Sheikh Zakzaky further expressed that Prophet  was Prophet of God ever since he was created. It did not start with Gabriel's visit to meet him in the cave of Hira as explained above. The holy Prophet secluded in Hira cave for 15 years. And should one asked ‘what was the Prophet doing in the cave?’ different answers will be given by those who don’t know. Others are of the view that he stayed in the cave to think and contemplate, like Philosopher.

The Hira Cave Seclusion

When the holy Prophet entered seclusion in the cave of Hira, Imam Ali(AS) was the one taking food to him. This was the case upto the time Gabriel appeared to the Prophet and ordered him to declare his mission. Imam Ali(AS) was with the Prophet and witnessed everything that happened when Gabriel appeared. However, Ali is not a Prophet.

Upon returning from the cave to his house, all creatures including trees, animals and stones, greeted the Prophet  saying’ peace be upon you oh the messenger of Allah’.

When he entered to the presence of Khadeejah (SA), she asked ‘which kind of light m’ I seeing in you? ‘It is the Prophetic Light’, he replied. He then asked her to utter ‘La iLaha Ilallah’ to which she said ‘ I have been hearing this’ .

At the same time Imam Ali went quickly to his father Abi Talib and informed him about the development. Abu Talib(AS) quickly came to the Prophet and accepted the faith. He even enquired the prophet to show him a sign to which the Prophet did by calling a tree. The tree uprooted and came to the Prophet (AS). Abu Tallib expressed his gratitude to God for witnessing the time of the last Messenger of Allah. Despite all this, the enemies  asserted status by saying that the  first to embrace Islam among elders was so so person , among youth  was so so person, among slave was so so etc…..  . And in each case they put their favorites in the lead.

So, there is no way one will ask as to when Imam Ali became a Muslim as he was already a Muslim. Jafar, Aqeel, Hamzah, and Zaid bn Hareeth accepted Islam in the house of the Prophet, They are the early Muslims, even though others were given the status.

The News of the Prophet’s Mission spread in Makka. Then people started ridiculing the prophet by saying that the  son of Abu Talib said he was receiving revelation from the sky. They started expressing their enmity to the Prophet promising to sabotage him as they don’t want the status to be him. None of the Quraish or Hashemite submitted to the Prophet except few of his close kinsmen.

Abu Zarr.

Abu Zar al-Ghifari accepted Islam ahead of all the Quraish and even the Hashimites. The people of Ghifar were herdsmen and also engaged in what they called Gazwa ( confiscating wealth from travelers along their route). However, Abu Zar  never engaged in these acts and he never worshipped idol.

One day, as Abu Zarr was rearing his animals at the outskirt, a hyena  came and called him a transgressor saying a Prophet appeared in Makka and his people rejected him while you are here. He therefore went to  Makka in search of the new Prophet and was afraid to ask. So, he went to the Joint where Quraish used to gather, He listened to their conversation as they ridiculed the Prophet. When Abu talib came to them they changed topic saying his father is coming. So upon getting to know the father of the Prophet, he followed him unknowingly, when the gathering dispersed. Abu Talib noticed that someone was following him, So he asked him. Abu Zarr narrated the story to him. Abu Talib therefore asked him  to follow him and  he should not enter the house  he enter immediately, he should rather enter the house after some times for fear of Quraish harm to Abu Zarr. Abu Zarr did what he was told.

Abu Zar Met the Prophet and accepted Islam. He went to back to his people and called them to the new faith. They accepted.

The people of Ghifar made it a law that none shall  pass their town except he declares that ‘ there is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’ so, people of Makka had to say the kalimah before they were allowed to pass.

Abu Zarr stayed with his people in Ghifar and later joined the Prophet in Madina after Hijrah. He was among the early Muslims ahead of Quraish and Hashimites.

History Distortion.

Those who established government base on enmity of Ali(AS) and Ahlulbayt in general, that is the Umayyads,  distorted the history of Islam. They asserted that Ali was not with Prophet at Hira Cave during Prophetic mission. They created stories to their own favour.  They even said Abu Talib was not a Muslim!

That the Prophet and believers gathered in the house of Arqam bn Arqam is baseless and unfounded. Such a personality called Arqam does not exist.  The story of Waraqah bin Nawfal, a Christian monk, to  whom they said the Prophet was taken is also baseless and unfounded. The holy Prophet knew that he was the Prophet of Allah ever since.   These are some of baseless and unfounded stories they created.

They distorted history to debase whom Allah has elevated their status i.e the Ahlulbayt(AS). The Truth of the matter is that the Umayyads accepted Islam seven years after the Prophet declared his mission. One of their Khalifah even accepted Islam 9 years later.

The Significance of Night of 27th of Rajab.

The Leader of the Islamic Movement explained the significance of 27th of Rajab. He said commemorating the night and day of 27th of Rajab is a way of expressing gratitude to Allah upon the bounty of Allah’s guidance to the Ummah.  The bounty of Allah to the Ummah which include the gift of His holy book and Sunnah of prophet at a time the world was in astray and darkness. He added that the book of Allah still remains intact without slight distortion in anyway adding that the true Islam will never be lost as there are people, no matter how few they might be, who are holding fast to the true teaching of the Prophet(SA).

He lamented that, even though the enemies could not change Quran, they distorted its meaning to suit their agenda of clinging to the position of leadership instead of the right people- the Ahlulbayt(As).

Sheikh Zakzaky expressed that commemorating the 27th of Rajab is tantamount to expressing gratitude to Allah for his gift of Qur’an and gift of right people who show the true religion.

Part of the activities to mark the day and night  include:

-Devotion in it is better than all that upon which the sun shines.

-Devotion in it is equal the good deeds of 60 years.

-Ziyara of Imam Ali (AS)

-Other devotional acts as contained in various books of supplication.

At the end of the programme Sheikh Zakzaky recited ziyara of Imam Ali and a closing prayer.


Note that the lecture was delivered in Hausa.