Saturday, January 28, 2023
Editorial by Almizan Newspaper: Shooting of Members of the Islamic Movement in Potiskum PDF Print E-mail

On Thursday, 27th May 2012, armed security operatives invaded and opened fire at  residence of disciple of Sheikh Zakzaky, in Potiskum,

 Malam Mustapha Lawan Nasidi. Three members of the Islamic Movement died, while five others were critically injured. With all the glaring evidences on groung, the commissioner of Police Moses Onirepi, Yobe State, in a desparate attempt to hide the heinous attrocity, blamed the act on “unknown gunmen”.

A critical look at the evidences presented to the media by Malam Mustapha Lawan Nasidi, and his neighbours who were witness to the onslaught, proved police complicity. Eyewitnesses’ account of the incident say, the gunmen came in vehicles, parked far away from the house of Malam Lawan  Mustapha Nasidi, walked easily on foot heavily armed without fear of being identified or apprehended, and opened fire on the innocent worshippers. The high security presence in Potiskum, and even around the area of the incident, cannot allow any gunman to easily execute such a wanton act unhindered and without fear, or calculated strategy. This clearly suggest police complicity.

The Police could not also defend the weapons left behind by the killer squad at the scene of the incident. Bullet catridges bearing police inscription, colours and emble, a cellular phone, were left behind by the gunmen in a hasty escape. Newspapers in the country carried the story and pictures of the recovered weapons. This was the greatest blow to the cover of JTF attrocity in Yobe State. No wonder, when one of the Brothers captured one of the gunmen, his colleagues shot dead the two of them, and in a commando style took away the corpse of their own to avoid being identified.

When the Muslim Brothers took the injured to the hospital, the army went after the vehicle, shooting. It was later gathered that, heavily security presence was seen at the hospital before the incident. This indicated that, the police were anticipating that, the injured would be conveyed to the nearby hospital, and had wanted to stop that. If the police were not involved in the shooting spree, then we would have atleast expected rapid response of assistance to the victims, but the reverse was the case. The police instead, wanted to finish off the survivors.

Like the proverbial ostrich that buries its head in the sand, leaving behind its back bare for public glare, the state commissioner of police, Moses Onirepi acknowledged that security operatives had launched operation on criminal spots that fateful night in the area, but did not attack the Shi’ites! He also told newsmen that the Shi’ites should reconcile with Boko Haram, suggesting that it was the so-called Boko Haram attacked us. Long before this time, we were aware of a grand ploy by the government to use faceless groups or individuals to kill individual members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria led by Sheikh Zakzaky in the name of “unknown gunmen” or “armed robbers”. However, this incident has pulled down the mask of the covert operations of Nigerian security forces to kill known and perceived enemies to actualize the interest of their foreign masters. The cold blood murder of Brothers in Kano and Gaidam might not be unconnected to this plan.

While leaving scene of the shooting, the attackers were heard saying, “now we have silenced them”, believing they have killed Malam Mustapha Lawand Nasidi. The Islamic scholar had been a pain in the neck of government due to his exposition of foreign machinations against the Islamic Ummah through the Nigerian security forces. The massacre at the Postikum cattle market. The perpetratrators of this dastardly act in the state and across the country are not at ease with sermon which enlightens the Muslims not to be deceived by the security tactics to institute deep rooted hatred against their brethren in faith, Christians, known and even unknown groups. Therefore, he must be eliminated at all cost, they planned.

The heavy presence of JTF in North east in the name of State of Emergency is of great concern to people living in the area, in view of the continued aggression being perpetrated on the people, while they either looked on, or even execute the aggression. Individual Northern eldrers and in group have made several complaints on the massacre in Potiskum cattle market,with the heavy security presence in the area.

We are therefore appealing to Nigerians, not to be deceived by the wanton acts of agents of destruction in the name of religion, or whatever guise, to achieve a selfish end. The blood of our borhters and other Nigerians spilled innocently without justification, will not be in waste. Those agents of destruction should be warned, oppression cannot be sustained; the end is far approaching, we see it coming. Peace be unto those who follow the right path.