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Conspiracies and deceits cannot crush the power of conviction PDF Print E-mail
Written by freezak   
Thursday, 28 June 2018 16:08

By S.I Ahmad
At times one may think that the core belief system of a human being has been constructed and shaped through life experiences based on many events people perceive as true or false. Why do we believed that the earth is spherical when we were told? Did people finds it difficult to believe that?

How do we reason ? Is our reasoning based on historical facts alone or base on the behavioral and attitudinal changes of human beings or both? Is our reasoning constructive ?

We should know that a human is the most supreme living creature with dignity and values of the highest order in life.

We know that the right to life is a moral principle that cannot be taken away based on the belief that a human being has the right to live and, in particular, should not be killed extra-judicially.

Nigerians are been killed in Zamfara , Birningwari , Kaduna , Taraba , Benue , Borno , Yobe , Plateau and many other places in the most brutish manner by killers for so long ; and yet the government seems not to care about the lives of its own people , why?

Who are behind these blood bath ? Is it difficult for the government to fish them out ? On whose interest is this act happening?
The foremost priority of any serious government should be the protection of citizens' lives from any danger , be it from external invasion or a threat from within.

On the contrary , those that are supposed to protect the lives of people on various occasions are the ones shedding the blood of people. The Nigerian Army in December 2015 attacked Shaikh Zakzaky in his house , shot him and his wife severally, killed his children, family members and massacred over one thousand of Nigerian citizens that are with him.

The brutality of the Nigerian Police against Nigerians is known. Presently in Kaduna , the Nigerian police killed two students protesting for the release of Shaikh Zakzaky from illegal detention where by a police officer was killed by unidentified people. Shamelessly , the Commissioner of Police tried to link such inhuman act to brothers of the Islamic Movement.
It is clear to us that this regime has failed to force disciples of Shaikh Zakzaky to take arms. The tyrants are now left with no option other than to create a scenario that will resemble emanation of symptoms that looks like indiscipline and radicalization of the Islamic movement.

When a government promotes improper use of Legal procedure for perverse reasons, that government is biased and oppressive. We have seen the case of Shaikh Zakzaky and his wife.

With violations of court rulings and abuse of Judicial system of a country, can people enjoy the dividends of democracy?

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria is not built on the bases of lies , conspiracies and deceit therefore it can never be defeated through these methods. It has been built on Devine wisdom ,knowledge, positive tolerance, conviction and good counsel . Government should know that for fourty years(40) of it's existence there was no time it derailed from its laid down principles.

We are calling on the Nigerian Government to released Shaikh Zakzaky and his wife from illegal detention immediately and unconditionally.

We pray for Allah to brake the back bones of all killers of Nigerian people.

Perpetrators of the Zaria Massacre, and the blood shed happening across the country must be brought to book.