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The Leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem zakzaky spoke to thousands of people on noble status of Imam Ali (AS) during birthday anniversary

 of the Imam at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria on Saturday the 13th of Rajab 1433 (2/6/2012).

He extensively outlined the names and titles of the holy which none can share it with him even though some of the titles were given to others such as saifullah, saddiq ect.

Among the names of Imam Ali (AS) which are reported in the books of the followers of Ahlulbayt(AS) include:  the commander of the faithful, the leader of the pious, the gate of knowledge of the prophet, Asadullahil Ghalib, Ali (High),  waliyyillah ( the vicegerent of Allah), Qarrar gairal Farrar, Hujjatullah (the proof of Allah’s creation),  truthful and the trusted one,  the Judge etc. Sheikh Zakzaky narrated the many titles and names of Imam Ali(AS) as reported in Shia books while explaining their meanings.

His birth.

Speaking about his miraculous birth, Sheikh Zakzaky explained that Imam Ali was born inside the holy ka’aba . He added that during his birth, his mother went to ka’aba where she found herself in a sign of labour. At that instant, the wall of the Ka’aba split open at which he entered.  The witnessed around the Ka’abah tried to open the door of the Ka’aba but they could not do so. So they left the matter to God. Upon entering she saw pious women of Islam waiting to assist her, they are Mayram, Asiyah, Umm Musa and Sarah. They assisted her during the labor.  She came out of the Ka’abah after spending three days inside with a clean baby, Ali(AS).  This miraculous birth was never seen before Ali and it will never happen to anybody in future. He noted

His mother.

His Mother is  Fatimah Bnt Asad bn Hashim. She was pure and Pious from Hashim family. He was caring mother to the Prophet after the demise of Sayyidah Amina (SA). She also took care the daughter of the Prophet(SAWA) Fatimah Az-Zahra(SA) after the demise of the Sayyidah Khadijah(AS). So, she was mother to both the Prophet and his noble daughter.

When She passed away she was enshrouded with the Prophet’s amamah and cloth. The Prophet led the funeral which he said there was  40 lines of angels who prayed behind him. The angles said 40 takbir during the prayer, a status exclusive to her only.

His father.

His father is Abu Talib Bn Abdul Mutallib(AS) also from the pure Hashim family. He was last of awsiyyah of Prophet Ibraheem(AS).  He was a respected person among quraish. He is their Leader for his noble qualities. These qualities are part and parcel of his family. Thus, leaders always came from their clan. He stood by the prophet at all times against ills from the enemies.

Imam Ali in the eyes of Muslims.

Imam Ali(AS)’s exalted position has been covered in history, yet they are still known and expressed. There was a time when lovers of Imam Ali are being killed by Umayyads. Poets were killed for singing praise of Imam Ali. A mere suspicion for love of the holy Imam attracted death. Despite all this, the name of Ali is still written in Gold.

He is a scale by which a believer is differentiated from a hypocrite. The prophet declared’ none loves Ali except a true believer and none hates him except a hypocrite'. His exalted position among all the creatures of Allah- inclusive of all the Prophets is that he is next to the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). This is how Allah wished it and He cannot be questioned. He bestowed favour to whom He Likes.

The Leader noted that some other qualities, cannot be mentioned, though there is no much threat.  Some of the qualities will be mentioned at similar gatherings.

After the sunset prayers, Sheikh Zakzaky recited Ziyara of the holy Imam Ali (AS) followed by closing prayers.