Wednesday, January 16, 2019
We don't get intimidated PDF Print E-mail
Written by freezak   
Tuesday, 15 May 2018 22:33

By Abdulmumin Giwa
Will we ever get pressed as to loose focus? Are we not struggling? Are there not supposed to be milestones along the path of the struggle? Do we expect everything to be rosy in the struggle? In answering these questions, we must not loose sight of the fact that we are not an armed struggle, we are a movement and also not an armed movement.

Some of the things we must expect include death at the peak, injuries, imprisonment, poverty and sadness until we get to chant "when is the help of Allah?"

We are not fighting any form of physical fight with anybody or group, we are enlightening and emancipating. No matter the pressure by the perpetrators of tyranny and oppression, there is never a wall that we should be pushed to that we will have the cause for negative reactions from us.

More so, Our patience and steadfastness must be tested by the God Almighty before we achieve victory, and victory is certain.

Please lest we get carried away or misdirected, we should know that we have our policies and principles as a movement. These polices and principles are not determined by the circumstances we find ourselves in the struggle but they determine the right things for us to do when we find ourselves in those circumstances.

For the simple fact that ours is an intellectual battle, we have no cause to be emotional. No matter what happens we must not be guided by our sentiments or our emotions but by our principles and polices. We are indeed guided by reason and knowledge and not sentiment and emotion.

We must not be provoked into dancing to the tune of the music the enemies want us to dance to. We should rather make them suffer and be exhausted in looking for the right music that they will make us dance to. We must not allow ourselves to be provoked or intimidated into acting wrongly. All our actions and responses must be guided by the objectives of the struggle. It is only through this that we can overpower them, make them restless and expose their weaknesses to the world. But we can hardly ever overpower them with their only language which is violence, mischief or blackmail.

There will not come that day in this struggle that we will resolve into attacking anybody or group. That is why we have always rejected violent crackdown on us by security agencies as clash. We must either accept whatever befalls us as part of the milestones and test in the path of the struggle or quit calling it a struggle but something else. As long as we continue as a struggle, what ever befalls us should be seen as part of the struggle and our competence and steadfastness being tested. It is by understanding this that we can never be deceived into seeing ourselves as an organization instead of a movement or seeing ourselves as an island instead of an integral part of the nation.