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Thursday, 03 May 2018 21:05

Press Conference: Declaration Made by Saudi Arabia on its Success in Suppressing Sheikh Zakzaky: A High Time for the Nigerian Government to Free Zakzaky and Reveal the Culprits and Sponsors of Zaria Massacre.


Invited guests, ladies and gentlemen of the press, good afternoon to you all; I wish to thank you for honoring our invitation, despite short notice.


On behalf of the followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), I humbly welcome you to this press conference organized by the Islamic movement under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). The aim of the conference is to update the public on the following:

a) Zaria massacre
b) Condition of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife under illegal detention
c) Police attack on free Zakzaky peaceful protesters in Abuja
d) Role of Saudi Arabia in the Zaria Massacre
e) Recent Court case filed by Kaduna government against Sheikh Zakzaky and 3 others; and
f) Struggle for the unconditional release of Sheikh Zakzaky.


The public may please recall that the Islamic movement has vehemently rejected the claim of the Nigerian Army that on 12 December, 2015 the followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) blocked road for the Chief of Army Staff, Burutai. Ladies and gentlemen kindly recall that we extensively informed the public that Zaria massacre was a preplanned pogrom to eliminate Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and disband the Islamic movement. We also stated facts about the complicity of foreign Imperial powers notably USA, Britain and the Zionist Israel. Unfortunately, up to this moment some people are yet to agree with our argument; but we thanked God, the truth has started coming out to the public domain.

Few days ago, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman boasted on the success of Riyadh in suppressing Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and the Islamic movement. This statement is in his interview with the New York Times newspaper and comments made by Dr Zayeed Al-Amri, a member of the Saudi Arabia National Strategic Planning and Development Agency with the Hausa Service of German Radio station Deutsche Welle. Dr Zayeed Al-Amri briefly commented by saying that "what the prince meant here is that since he announced his plans to attack the enemy, Saudi Arabia has successfully eliminated the influence of Iran in Yemen, Somalia, Djibouti and Sudan as it has shattered its attempt to establish the Hezbollah regime in Nigeria and prevent Ibraheem Zakzaky from executing coup in the country.

We wish to let the public know that we are fully aware of the role of Saudi Arabia and other countries that used Buhari-led government to kill Sheikh Zakzaky and annihilate his Islamic movement. Now that Riyadh has exposed itself, those that used Saudi Arabia to sponsor Zaria massacre shall be exposed in the near future. It is left to Muhammadu Buhari and Lawal Daura to muster the courage to come out and tell Nigerians the countries and individuals which used them to execute Zaria massacre and kill Sheikh Zakzaky.

It is pertinent to mention that Sheikh Zakzaky-led Islamic movement is a self-sponsored struggle that is being financed by the Sheikh and his followers and not any country. Likewise, the movement is being headed by the Sheikh and not any person or country.


Ladies and gentlemen, we are deeply concerned about the health of Shaikh Zakzaky and his wife. Their health is still in deteriorating state. Information available to us revealed that the recent medical check-up shows that the only remaining eye of Sheikh Zakzaky that was affected with glaucoma is in danger because the sickness has continued to spread and therefore needs an urgent operation outside the country. His doctors added that there is no single hospital that can successfully handle the eye problem in Nigeria.

It has been confirmed to us that the humble Shaikh is still suffering from the impacts of stroke he had some months back added to his bullets injuries such that he is still ill and in urgent need of the best medical attention as soon as possible.

His wife Zeenah suffers from increasingly frequent lower abdominal pains due to the bullets and other harmful particles still in her body and also suffers a Cartilage problem (Osteoarthritis). She finds it very difficult to walk or to sit. Both problems need an urgent surgery according to her doctors.


Ladies and gentlemen, the unfortunate massacre of brothers and sisters of the Islamic movement and the subsequent arrest of our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, hundreds of other brothers and sisters; and the destruction of properties belonging to the Sheikh, perpetrated by the Nigerian Army in Zaria has rendered one thousand, eight hundred and sixty-six (1,866) children orphaned.

Zaria massacre started on Saturday, December 12, 2015, when soldiers of the Nigerian Army were stationed directly opposite Hussainiyyah Baqiyatullah (Center where teaching sessions and other activities are held) located along Sokoto road, adjacent to the polo pitch, Zaria. On that day, we were to commemorate the arrival of al-Rabiul al-Awwal, the birth month of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). However, under the hoax of road blockade and assassination attempt, the Army launched the genocide for more than 48 hours. This claimed more than a thousand persons, including three sons of Sheikh Zakzaky, namely Hammad, Ali and Humaid.

Likewise, the Army burnt many people alive, including an elder sister to Sheikh Zakzaky and cruelly continued the pogrom with so many brutish atrocities, indistinguishable from war crimes. In order to cover up conclusive evidences from the massacre, the Nigerian Army did a secret mass burial of the victims at a site in Mando, Kaduna. The properties demolished by the Army include: Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Residence of Sheikh Zakzaky, Darur Rahman that encompasses a number of things: film village, barn, stable, and a portion which serves as the graveyard for our martyrs; the house of the late Sheikh Zakzaky’s mother, a portion of which also serves as her tomb.

We strongly condemn the attacks of the Nigerian Police and Department of State Services (DSS). They continue to attack, harass, kill and arrest Free Zakzaky protestors in Abuja. From January 8, 2018 to-date the Police and the DSS have arrested more than 520 brothers and sisters of the Islamic movement including minors and pregnant women. On Friday 30th March, 2018 men of the Department of State Services (DSS) arrested Abdulaziz Dahiru Maigana in the National Mosque, Abuja around 2:00 pm during the protest. The Security agents have so far killed four free Zakzaky protestors in Abuja.


The public are aware that Kaduna State Government filed a case against Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and 2 others and charged them with murder. This case is ridiculous. The murder victim is being charged with murder! The Government is making mockery of itself from protective custody, court contempt and now to fresh court case involving culpable homicide.

Instead of the Government to release the Sheikh unconditionally as ordered by the Federal High Court and prosecute the Nigerian Army as recommended by the report of Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI) constituted by Kaduna State Government under the chairmanship of Hon. Justice Mohammed Lawal Garba; it is now trying to prosecute the victims of the atrocities of the Army.

The public should note that the JCI report has found that the “Cordon and Search Operation” conducted by the Nigerian Army that led to the Zaria pogrom “was in contravention of the provision of Section 8 of the Armed Forces Act, No 24 of 1994”. Similarly the report of Amnesty International titled Unearthing the Truth: Unlawful Killings and Mass Cover-Up in Zaria has uncovered crimes against humanity committed by the Army.

We thank God, because this court case has openly exposed the foolishness of Buhari-led government and well-meaning Nigerians have responded to the government accurately. The public should also know that we are unjustly oppressed by Buhari-led government and we are not afraid of any framed up court charges. We are looking for justice and prosecution of the culprits.


Ladies and gentlemen, we want to inform you that we cannot afford to sit at home watching Muhammadu Buhari, Lawal Daura (DG, DSS) and their sponsors, Riyadh trying to kill Shaikh Zakzaky under illegal detention. We have been holding peaceful protests for the past two years and on January 8, 2018 the protest was intensified in Abuja. The protests will continue until Shaikh Zakzaky is released unconditionally. We will also continue to push the case of Zaria massacre at the International Criminal Court of Justice.


In a nutshell, Nigerians need to understand that it is impossible to live apart; there must be an understanding of how to live together, because we are connected in one way or the other. Therefore we are calling for understanding among Muslims of different schools of thought, between Muslims and Christians, among Christians of different denominations; and between people living in the north and south of Nigeria.

At this juncture, we wish to remind Buhari and Lawal Daura that we are determined to continue pushing for our demand for justice. Our demand is simple, that is Shaikh Zakzaky and his wife should be released unconditionally.

Finally, Nigerians should be mindful on interference of foreign policy of other countries into Nigerian affairs. If today Saudi Arabia succeeded in causing the Zaria pogrom, we do not know the next country that will plan against Nigeria. Nigerians need to challenge the present administration of Buhari on this interference of Saudi Arabia in the security affairs of Nigeria.


Dr. (Engr.) Dauda Nalado,
Academic Forum of the Islamic movement

30 April, 2018