Saturday, January 28, 2023
Crisis in the Third World Countries and the Possibility of Global Conspiracy- Prof Dahiru Yahaya at Gusau PDF Print E-mail

We have two Worlds: The first World, which controls World resources and their distribution. They control science, technology, economy and politics.

The third World contains abundant resources ( oil, gas, Uranium, agric and aquatic) of the World. Hence there is bound to be struggle between these. These were part of the opening remarks by Professor Dahiru Yahaya of Bayero University, Kano.

He made the remarks in a lecture he delivered at the 23rd National conference on Islamic thought organized by the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria at Gusau on Sunday 20th May 2012. He added that the first World conquered the third World both militarily and psychologically. He noted that Europe with all its extension- USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc called themselves the international community. They have common problems. They think alike. They have common History. They developed under a common ideology – secularism.

 They believe that man is the centre of the World. They deny the concept of the All Powerful God. They only enforce their ideals. They had to adulterate Christianity to tally with their whims. Professor then asked: How do you deal with the person who doesn’t believe in the hereafter? These people came out, dominated, conquered and colonized the World.

After conquest, they had important missions: To control the economy (Example  multinational oil conglomerates take 90 % oil resources and give 10 % to host country); To control the politics; To have intellectual investment. Through this they control the mindset, the psychology of our people. They gave Christianity to non Muslims. They made Muslims to be secular – separate religion with politics. They indoctrinated our people through western education.

It is through this intellectual investment that they raised the leadership of the third World – a club of what they term as ‘western oriented gentlemen’. They instill fear. You have to fear them. They consider killing as nothing. Professor hurriedly came to the current affairs.

 He noted that Israel was not planted today. It started since the time of the crusades. Crusade was of course different from Jihad. Whereas Crusade was a European gang up to colonize resourceful Middle East, Jihad was meant to dignify people and take them closer to the Almighty. The usurpers know that Palestine is the pivot. So they have to stay there.


Before the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Middle East countries have surrendered on the hegemony of the Europeans. He noted that the intellectual investment is near to its end. Let us not agree that there is a conspiracy. The truth shall prevail. All these bombings in Nigeria would backfire. It will pave way for the enhancement of the Islamic struggle.