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The Islamic Movement in Nigeria, through history, Faces Various Forms of Trials -Malama Zeenah PDF Print E-mail

For any successful Movement, the right procedures have to be followed. Certainly, with correct methodology, trials in various forms come. 

That is why some people are reluctant to follow the model set by the Prophet. These were part of the remarks made by Malama Zeenat Ibrahim during a lecture she delivered on Saturday, 19th May, 2012 at the 23rd Annual National Conference on Islamic thought held at Gusau, Zamfara State. The occasion was organized by the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

The topic of her presentation was ‘the history of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria’. Before going into the mainstream, malama reminded the audience on the mission of man on the Earth. She noted that with the amalgamation of the soul and the physical body, man tends to forget his covenant with the Creator (SWT). Those who fulfill the covenant shall prosper. Otherwise it is everlasting torment that waits.

Prior to the Islamic resurgence, the enemies were comfortable that they have conquered the Muslim Lands. In our case, Shehu Fodio (TR) denounced obedience to ungodly Kingdom rulers and proclaimed that ‘there is No king as God’. He faced the consequences: attempts to extinguish the light of Islam and exterminate his life. Islam was established against all odds. History accounts for later happenings. Since then there was no call to go back to Islam until this call by the revered Sheikh Zakzaky (H) in the late 70’s.

In those days, asserted Malama, people tend to shy away from being associated with Islam or recognized as Muslims. Sisters with custom head wears were harassed talk less of those with hijab. There were cherished ideologies, especially communism. People could not understand that Islam is more than an ideology. It is a complete way of life. For religiously minded elites, they were lured into infiltrating into the system so as to dominate the vital sectors with the delusion that one day they just declare an Islamic State!

Meanwhile the nascent Movement led by Sheikh (H) strove and set the Qur’an as the practical model to follow by its adherents. Mujahada, more especially night (tahajjud) prayer observed in one third of the night and complete recitation of the Qur’an in a month were sustained. Malama seized the opportunity to encourage brothers and sisters to sustain those minimum practices and many more.

Brothers and sisters loyal to the Call were then recognized as ‘students’ because many activities were conducted under the platform of the Muslim Students’ Society (MSS).Sheikh Zakzaky (H) had brought great transformations in the MSS, more especially in the conduct of the Islamic Vacation Course (IVC). It was during the IVC at Funtua that Malam (H) made the famous ‘Funtua Declaration’. He denounced any allegiance to the Nigerian Kufr System as entrenched by the colonial masters and affirmed loyalty to the rule of Allah alone. The first procession was done in Zaria to buttress the declaration.

The Movement then became distinct. So instead of special classes during IVC, more frequent 3- day Ijtima’i sessions were instituted. These were conducted from Friday to Sunday on stipulated schedules usually alternated between ABU and BUK mosques. During the hostage crisis which resulted after the success of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, another ‘Islam only’ procession was staged in Zaria.

In the course of her speech, Malama was quick to mention that the aim of the Islamic Movement is to get an excuse (ma’ziratan) from Allah (SWT) for one’s role in the kufr set up in the country. She cited the example of the Jews who violated God’s commandment on stipulated fishing days. All perished except those who spoke against the violation. She also recollected that before the Funtua declaration, Malam (H) quoted the hadith where Imam Ali said that whoso ever do not attempt to stop tyranny by his deeds or speech, then God has right to take him to the same abode as the tyrants.

 The speaker was forced by time constraints to stop at this rather mid juncture. Before concluding, Malama Zeenat reemphasized the fact that the Movement is not a power or money seeking affair. It is an affair to get closer to Allah (SWT). The establishment of an Islamic System is but a bye product. She also emphasized on the fact that allegiance must be to only ONE leader, in our case Sheikh Zakzaky (H). He is divinely appointed. There should never be a divided loyalty.

Dauda Nalado reports.